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Do Writers need Special Software to become a writer

Updated on June 9, 2011

Do Writers Need Special Software to Improve their Writing?

This is something I suppose we have all asked ourselves from time to time over the years. We all need to improve our writing, whether it is when creating suspense, plotting, choosing the best character to suit your story or novel. Learning how to write correctly, or simply needing someone to correct your mistakes and proofread your masterpiece before sending it off to the publisher.

Programs like this would not suit everyone. Could they help the beginner?

I bought myself a program called "Dramatica." Personally I tried this program years ago although there have been many improvements since then. Because I had already written several short stories and a novel (nothing published), I became more confused, simply because I needed to change the way I had already written the stories. Therefore, I went back to my old habits.

I enjoy writing fiction, and I make up my characters and create the plots as I go. Twisting and changing the story, as I write. Other writers may work out there storyline before starting a novel. Everyone will have their own style of writing, which is what makes them unique.

I have listed a few of these programs for you to check out, although there are many more.



This Software program has been around for years and is well worth a look.

You can download a demo to try it for yourself here:

New Novelist

Read what the people at new novelist have to say about their novel writing program

Write your novel in record time - with New Novelist Software- Never get Writer's block again.


They say that is a master in the organization of writing a story. It can set up chapters and scenes and a series of questions make it easier to mold your characters.

The downside to this program is that it does not work on a Mac.

White Smoke-Perfect English

The features of this program are its Grammar check, relevant adjectives, and adverbs text, over 420.00 entries, one click Proofreading tool, synonyms, over too writing templates, advanced dictionary, and artificial Intelligence technology.

Check it out for yourself at


Power Writer

This software promotes

"The Convergence of Organization and Creativity"

Read more about this program


What are your thoughts on software programs

Is this the way to go? You decide,

by letting me know what you think

in the comments below.


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