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Do You Also Have That Inner Voice Inside You Like Mine???

Updated on March 27, 2015

The Inner Voice

Voice, a simple sound that reaches my ears and passes throughout my body generating sensations and emotional vibrations. Its just a simple sound. Sound that is coming from anywhere and everywhere. What's so special about this thing called sound that I have to think about it , you may wonder. But this is what fascinates me. To know the deeper meaning of the existing things so that I can play with them to create a work of art for the world to see. Voice , the inner one , faint flikering light sound from somewhere deep within me speaks to me every single day and night. Its this voice that guides me to pour out these words here.

I sit here at office ,writing in solitude yet with a company that speaks in this silence of human voice....

Voice? Noise?

unknown voice yet known

Great personalities advice that when confused and stuck at any given moment of life, listen to your inner voice. It knows the way and clarify the commotion your mind has created .

And so I listen, as I'am in the same condition.

The 'Voice' in this present condition I am in.

Before I become all philosophical and inspirational , allow me to let you know my present condition I am in right now.I don't know how many of you are going through this kind of phase or how many of you have already passed or haven't yet passed this phase I am unaware, but I do know that we all do face it and overcome it in our own unique style. My style : This voice!

The condition: Me, a moving body with no life. I wake up at right time daily,dress up for work , work all day and again go back to the usual after work life with my friend and sister. Simple sweet life that I adore and love . Knowing that perfection doesn't exists yet I long to make few things around me perfect. I start my day in hope of bagging a big break in my career line. Apply to every possible company for that golden opportunity to kick off my career height. Playing reluctantly with the Waiting game . Wait and wait and wait. No response and then lose hope. Few offers that come my way I'am unable to accept. I search and search to start but many walls come my way. Opportunities flash on the computer screen, hope and expectation shoots up,going through its 'terms of condition' the hope dies out. Again another one flashy advertisement erupts promising great kick start for aspirants but alas it shows that its not for this soul again. A girl , who has the desire to be a strong financial support for her family, is continuously living in this on and off cycle of hope and loss. This rise and fall of emotion is weakening me to doubt my self potential. The emotional support from family fuels me with their high expectations again. Long to be present among my dear ones yet knowing I don't belong there. The work that I do at present is the identity I create to live with. The profession I am at is my identity as of now.And here this inner voice tells me that the god gifted power within this breathing body is not used fully to craft that identity of this power. It says that there exists a supreme power within me that craves to be brought out into this world. And my work here is to give this power the identity it deserves. That's all this voice wants to convey!

The voice that makes me do this....


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