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Do You Know What Freelance Poker Writing Is?

Updated on July 12, 2017
Countless "superstars" have emerged over the years. With the televised events, fan bases have grown. There are players who play up to the idea of what followers expect.
Countless "superstars" have emerged over the years. With the televised events, fan bases have grown. There are players who play up to the idea of what followers expect.
Articles are not the only way to make an income. Books are in brick and mortar as well as online accessibility for novices with an interest.
Articles are not the only way to make an income. Books are in brick and mortar as well as online accessibility for novices with an interest.
Michel Lewis is one of the highest paid female players in the industry.
Michel Lewis is one of the highest paid female players in the industry.

Women are not shy about stepping into the limelight.

This is not just a man's game anymore. Millions of people from around the world are interested in these tourneys, including women.

There are events focused specifically for females. These are closed to males. Although there are fewer matches compared to males, the prizes are similar if not more.

Women are permitted to participate in men's events, but the same invite is not extended to men in the woman's side of things.

This is one of the oldest games of chance.

There are millions of hobbies. Besides knitting, chess and bowling, poker falls into the same category. More folks call it a vice, but there are those who simply do it for the fun, strategy and exhilaration at winning it brings. It has become as well liked as other types of pastimes.

It is an interest which overcomes racial, social, economic and other divisions among people. As a leisure pursuit most folks admit is it not likely to be a fad which loses curiosity. It has been around for centuries.

There has been an ebb and flow in how much attention it grabs, but it seems to have embedded itself and grown into the world of technology through the web.

Authors have grabbed onto the ride and have begun to construct articles and material related to it. Awareness has emerged and answering the call is a wonderful way to increase income.

What is the definition

Poker writing covers limitless topics associated with the industry. Writers in the realm have identified it as a blend of more than one type of specific content. In fact, a combination of journalism, feature material, sports articles, general entertainment, travel writing and even technical pieces to name only a few.

There is an assumption it is purely sharing info about games or tournaments. Who was present, who won and the losers. This is a small fraction of output. The turn or new found sensation taken by victors presents a excellent opportunity to material and subject matter.

Why the popularity

The pots for winners increased to millions of dollars. This is extremely appealing for players and folks watching. Crowds are larger than ever before. Thousands of folks come to see a match where historically a couple of hundred was a good showing.

A brilliant idea infused into it has been the prospect to play professionally. Individuals have become so sensational and good at the game, this is how a living is made. This makes players and champions become well known and establishes a following of fans.

Ideal spots around the globe are selected for competitions.Imagine playing in places such as Belize, Australia, England, Monaco and other locations around the world which are the epitome of beauty. The background for the tourney create an enormous attraction for television viewers at home.

Professional matches are sponsored and supervised by a professional standard. There are rules and guidelines established not only generally but also alters to accommodate laws of various countries.

However, this has changed in recent years. The expansion of the game to the internet has seen a growth in the field and affected writing about the game in ways no one dreamed of. On less than a decade there has been an explosion. There is even a poker channel.

Where to publish

Outside of writing sites there are venues looking for articles surrounding matches. Places such as blogs, websites devoted to it, eBooks and creating content for fans specific to one or more players.

Companies and affiliates have interest in magazines, books and other settings. Countless clients request material surrounding a subject or person as well. The exact number of possibilities is so much larger than the average writer imagines.

What to expect in this niche

Focus is on a variety of things. Bloggers have the freedom to tie posts to whatever fancy works for personally for the author.

Most are general articles tied to a general explanation of the sport and how to play. Other subject matters are limited only be what a writer is able to imagine and produce.

A few are willing to share things such as the influence player finances, technology, psychology, law, lifestyle, what is done with earnings, travel, novice and experienced players interviews , etc.

There is no virtual difference between this niche and any other. Attacking it with a practical and fundamental plan of action like any other subject is a recipe for success.

Where to find work

An online audience and offline media outlets turn into limitless fountains of readers. More interested parties gravitate to the theme converts to more work and income for anyone specializing in it.

Sell the work to gaming sites, but seek out other venues as well. Magazines in the same role are searching for freelancers to work jobs now and then.

Writing job sites always have a couple of clients focusing on this theme for one reason or another. Passive income is possible to earn if publishing on article writing sites.

Recipe for success

Many of these professionals have a created a successful working recipe. Begin by crafting remarkable content relevant and professional in nature. Building material readers trust and joy is a vehicle to get far in any writing role, including this one.

Another ingredient to making things work out well is building material not simply slotted into to poker niches. Develop it so it is possible to fold into other nooks as well.

Work articles capable of being inserted into trade magazines, newsletters, tourism guides, websites, blogs able to covert various subjects that encompass poker in some form. Depending on the client there is a possibility it fits into something which touches or includes poker as well as other games of chance. Another primary subject is the focus, but not to far from the profession.

Not all play for real dollars and cents

Poker is on the minds of more than a few people at this time. The enthusiasm winning as well as the act of betting is thrill countless people. Teamed up against others to win is no different than the pool player or the bowling tournament.

There is a love of being part of the action and fun. The element of finding out the among individuals at the same table is a rush. This is a game of luck and psychology. Along with the entertainment there is a possibility of financial gain. Finances are not the only reason for participating.

It is used as a diversion or distraction. New friends are met and bonds created. Chatting is permitted among players similar to instant messaging. There is an appreciation for the community and meeting people through the process of recreation.

How to get more expertise

The opportunities to earn an income is there. Education of the game and the players is a wonderful place to begin.There are countless events , competitions and variations of the basics which are part of it.

Get informed on the who’s who in the business. However, any article must be better than average to get ahead in this line of business. With the amount of competition coming to the table, it is necessary to separate from the pack. Doing is a vehicle to see better clients, jobs and income.

How to get jobs

There are a ton of new people coming to the game scouring the internet for general info on the game. Though, veterans are still there searching for more specific material in this niche to get ahead and stay ahead of competition. Writing for both is not unheard of, but most people specialize in one end of the spectrum or the other.

Fans like to hear about the well known people in the field. This is no different than writing about stars in the Grand Slam tennis tournament or the SuperBowl.

Advantages to the profession

There are advantages to consider for the profession. Work from home is capable numerous online prospects are searching for writers to work. People love to read what’s happening in the game rooms as much as what’s happening in the brick and mortar casinos found in Las Vegas and similar cities.

Writers able to develop rich content related to poker are in high demand in the freelance writing marketplace. This is not a good fit for everyone.

The wonderful thing about the work is finding a comfortable niche but one has be remain in it. For example, write online articles for clients as well as pick up gigs for offline content for newspapers or magazines.

There are advantages discussed in this article, but there are also disadvantages just like every other niche.

Create the harder ones devoted to the downfalls of gambling and other vices. There are terrible things happening in the world related to this profession..

In conclusion

Keep options open and expect gigs to be sought out and not simply fall in a writer's lap. There are a lot of terrific freelance poker writers out there. Consider becoming one of these since there is a lot of work to go around.

Female players are not shy about the limelight.

Females have been playing as long as men and have finally got the deserved recognition. Not all women were invited to the big guys table. Only those proving to be some thing special or unique or with a leg up like a relative or friend.

There has always been the opportunity for men and women to take part in men's tournaments. Now there are contest devoted strictly to the female persuasion. These have the same enormous pots for winners and are televised as well.

Fans have devoted the time and energy to follow these girls around the world and support them in the same fashion as men.

Great players have discovered this is a wonderful way to make a living. A professional player is not unheard of and with pots in the millions, even second place is okay getting a measly half a million for losing.

Tips from the pros. Thirteen things to make a novice play better than average.


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