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We Take Love For Granted (Act 1, Scene 1)

Updated on July 3, 2017

Act I, Scene i

*Enter a boy with brown skin and dirty blonde hair following a curvy white woman who wears her hair in a neat bun. They walk through a bustling street market.*

Elijah: Never have mine eyes seen anyone more beautiful than thee.

Snow: I bet you tell that to all the girls.

Elijah: Ah, your words sting my heart.

Does my affection seem like nothing more than a joke?

*He caresses her cheek, and she pulls away*

Snow: I know you’re young, and young men think with their third leg.

Elijah: I reckon not, for I fancy myself a thoughtful man.

When I was homeless, you fed me.

When my heart shattered, you taped the pieces back together.

A better woman, I’ll never see.

Give me your hand, someone like you, I long to worship.

Snow: You...

Elijah: The delightful blush that coats your cheeks warms my heart.

This piece of wisdom, I shall impart.

True love appears once in life,

If you push too hard, the one you care for will leave without a word of goodbye.

Snow: You said you would never leave.

Elijah: Sometimes, I must, or you’d take a loving man like me for granted.

So, what is thy answer, Aphrodite?

Will you walk with me?


© 2017 Aristotle Wilson


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