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Do You Want To Be A Content Producer, Online Marketer or Both?

Updated on August 26, 2010

What is Your Motivation?

So what are your motives? What do you want to get out of this career? Why are you doing it? Most of us that work full time don’t have many positive things to say about our current jobs. For those people, the motivation of becoming a professional content producer may be to supplement their income, provide economic security and to someday leave their jobs and work full time producing content on the Internet. This can be a powerful motive indeed because the freedom that working online provides is second to none. No more bosses and no more cubicles.

Some other people just like to write. I call them “natural writers”. They may or may not have full time jobs in the “real world.” Their main motivation is that they simply love to do to produce content. These guys have a natural edge as content producers because for them, it is not really "work". They do it for the sake of doing it and making any money from it is secondary.


The main aim of the first group of people or “cubicle haters” is to monetize effectively. In order to do this, they must be proficient in online marketing. Marketing is their mantra. Cubicle haters can buy content from anyone, publish and market it effectively in order to turn a profit. If they devise or buy a system that allows them to repeat a profitable methodology, their goals are easily met.

The second group of people or “natural writers” may have an edge as content producers but because their motivation is not to make money, their content is likely to be under monetized. The key for them is to either produce content on an automated monetization website such as HubPages, sell their content to other people or simply LEARN how to make money effectively from their content by studying marketing techniques and familiarizing themselves with the nuances of back links and SEO.

You Gotta Have a Plan

Of course, without a plan we have a lot of wasted energy and dashed hopes. If you are Marketer, the two biggest factors of online success are niche business ideas and a marketing system. A Niche Business Idea is simply a micro sector which is still relatively untapped in terms of information supply. To find out more about finding a niche business idea, please take a look at this hub: How to Use the Google Keyword Search Tool to Find a Niche

If you are a content producer, you must write as much as you can. When I first started toying with the idea of becoming a writer, I thought about writing a book. I figured a book was about 50,000 words so by writing 5000 words a day; I could have my first rough draft ready in 10 days. Boy was I wrong. Up until then, I had not been writing consistently and putting down 500 words on a page was extremely difficult. The good news is that writing becomes easier the more you practice. Now, I have no problem writing 5000 words a day. I do have to work on my sentence structure and grammar but I am much more comfortable producing the necessary volume. Maybe after working online for a few years, I will be good enough to write my own book. The point is that it does get easier the more you do it.


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