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Do not tell your Mother:

Updated on September 3, 2009
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Do not tell Mother:

They came to me in the night, to tell they stories,

Little girls across our Nation

Little J. was kidnap, she cry out for her

mother during the night, ,

They spoked of sexual abused, by they love ones,

Love one whom supposes to protected them,

But they were afraid to tell,

Their mother were angry at them,

for revealing,information which,

could destroyed the family unit,

The fathers in the home, was not saying, anything,

they were the ones, doing the abusing,

and the mothers couldn't say nothing,

I reached out to them, from a far, but my skill and experience,

can only do so much, You see l tell the stories, and hopes

that someone will see,

Some Justice might prevealed, with significant glory

Many abused, goes on in the home, for years

and never seem to get reported until its' too late,

I never liked the movie "The Color Purple:

It symbolize, abused with too much artifical , and was too close

to the real thing,

Those helpless young ladies, under the hands of gruesome, old men,

who prey on young pretty females

Helpless, women, who chooses to ignored,

what is happening behind close door,

Lack of education, and they upbringing,

contributed, to this, modern day," sickening mad circus ring,"

This one young lady, in particular, who came to me in a dream,

Asking for my help,, she needed to get out of the "Modern Circus Ring"

But you see, this is all a dream, but it's happening,

She was real, know fairy tale,

My vision, you see,

Have to be proven , before, you anyone can cause a scene,

They are crying out to me!, they need my guidance, and my expirtise,

To get them through the night,

Without any risk, of being found out,

As they cry out to me,

What are they doing to these young gal,,

Eight years old,Susan,

said that her mother, was off her medication,

and her mom boyfriend, just wouldn't leave her be,

Lee Pin in Japan, said, from the small age of ten, she had to be

The head leader, of little women,

His little mistress, dress up in her fansy dress

Had to go to his bed, and lay next to his head,

As frighten as it may seem, they come, to me, in my dreams,

I hated to be the one they have to come too, but,

having this wonderful gift, a definition of being physic or optimist"

Can be challenging, and yes! demanding

Trying to deal with the unknown in this land,

as it may seem, my advised to those lovely girls, to seek help,

from someone else who is not close, to the family unit,

But an outsider, Moderator, someone whom they can trust,

and believed in them, and defended they honor,

Cameron, a young Palestine boy,

Came to me, asking for help for his sister, Joy,

He is hiding her out, in a run down house, in fear of her safety, praying to get her out

of the terrible, ill-treatment she is enduring,

As her slender body, goes through child abuse, in the poverty straitened Country..

All l can do is to pray every day for each and every one of them, and asked God to watch over them.,

Until, he can find a way, to rescue and delivered them out of the circus bondage,

of humane cruelty, inflected by a sickening, man disease,.. called Child Molestation,.

I am tired of weeping and wiping my tears away,,and watching they little body in make believe graves....feeling helpless, from day to day. ..





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    • Darknlovely3436 profile image

      Annie 6 years ago from NewYork

      thank you RTalloni

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 7 years ago from the short journey

      Keep writing, speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.