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Do you ever find yourself writing a story

Updated on May 23, 2012

Ever since I was young, I can remember getting out a piece of paper and I would start writing a story that I had in my head. I saved all the stories I have written and stored them in a folder because I would always like to come back to read them. What I noticed was that I really grew as a writer. Now do you like to sit down and write a little story of your own, not based on a book you have exactly read?

They say writing can really clear your mind and in a way it does. How many stories can you write and imagine yourself in that story because in a way it is about yourself? At times, one can think all day about a story building up in their head and maybe you even think that one of your stories can make it into a well known book that can be read by readers.

There are many genres to write about when it comes to writing a story. We have mystery, science fiction, regular fiction, suspense, even romance and westerns. Can you think of one genre that you would really like to write about if you could write a book? I would write with a little bit of suspense, romance and mystery, all those genres can really make a good book.

How many authors started as writing their own little stories? If we could just research some of those authors, you will probably be amazed on how each of those authors ended up becoming well known authors. Have you ever wanted to be a well known author yourself? Can you think of some unique stories that people would like to read and that will keep them intrigued?

Would you like to become an author one day?

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