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Do you have sense of humor?

Updated on April 20, 2010

This is another one of mine everyday miracles stories. Enjoy!

The life sometimes made jokes with us and if we don't have sense of humor we are lost. That though I have heard from a kid. I was sitting on a bench in the park to have rest after a long working day in front of the computer. It isn't easy to work in Marketing Department of prosperous company but I managed. It was often with no personal life, at least my colleagues have respect for me. A child was playing around me. It was running behind its ball. I smiled and jumped to stop it. The ball flop down on the ground. I mastered with my left leg. It remembered me the time when I played soccer at school and the boys have accepted me as equal as them. When we played match they always choose me because I was very good footballer. The child looked at me carefully and said:

- Good catching.

- You are joking.

- As if it concerned to football I'm not joking. The life sometimes made jokes with us, Madam and if we haven't sense of humor we are lost. Have you that sense of humor?

He nodded me and run with the ball to your friends which played soccer on the next playground.

Now these words keep running in my head and made me laugh. There is the other part of the story.

You know how sometimes you have a nice and interesting dream but you wake up before it goes on. But I wasn't awakened. I was waiting my friend to go walking. Tomorrow would be my first free Saturday from a long time and I wanted to enjoy myself today. I haven't remember since when I didn't do it. Here he is. Of course my friend was late with five minutes. His usual habit.

- What's happened this time?

- It's quite reasonable, I helped to a kid to catch its ball. , He smiled to me.

- Did it say something to you?

- No, why?

- I'm just asking.

- Let's go.

So everything began. While we were walking to the subway I saw a man.

It was something interesting in him, not because he was a man. I looked at him, he went out from a flower shop and he was carrying flowers. A big bunch of roses! He arouse envy in me, may be he has a girlfriend. I gave up it as hopeless. I thought that I will never see him any more. He was looking round confusedly and was cute. He has a bright hair. Well shaped chin. With not very big body but it was enough to carry me in his arms. And his eyes, these eyes, enchanting and...I had something oddly unexplainable feeling like never before. Even though he was surrounded from a strange halo. He return to the flower shop and went out with a card .

- What are you doing?

The magic has gone with a crack when my friend was calling me. I turned to him.

- What are you looking at? - he was curious of course.

- So... - I twisted to the flower shop. There wasn't anybody. After the flower shop was the store clothes shop.

- I was looking at that T-shirt over there. I pointed at random.

- I think you have telescope instead of eyes. Let's go and see it.

- We needn't do it , let's go to the cafe. I want to drink something.

- That can wait.

So I get a T-shirt which I didn't actually want. Don't understand me wrong. My friend is great and want to cheer me in any way. We haven't relationship but only friends. He is anyway cared about my personal life which I have not. The money wasn't a problem for him and often he give me presents. That is strange, isn't it?

We spent a nice evening. Even I met a man in bar who stand me a drink. But I though about the man who I met in front of the flower shop. Everything was all right in him but he hadn't carried a bunch of roses and hadn't so charming in his confusion like the man I met today.

On the next day I wake up and decided to go walking through the center of the town. I was walking along the main street “Mountain street” and staring at the shop windows. And what I saw in a music shop – the same man I have looked at yesterday , holding a guitar! It was red with shape of two flashes! He was playing and was shaking his hand on the rhythm of the music. He had headphones. I knew that anything was wrong with him. He was not only married but listened to metal music and drank beer. But strange that fact wasn't disgusting for me. I didn't see what was happened to me. I gazed entranced.

I heard creaking of brake and it was noise near me. The tram was stopped and propped up on me. The vat man stick his head out of the tram and shouted:

- Are you crazy? So much place but you came here on the railways!

The passengers in choir joined to the vat man. I turned red , crossed the street and looked at the music shop. The guitar was stayed on the window and the man wasn't there. Of course. In fact, somehow or other I shouldn't start a conversation with him. So what I have pity on ? I shrug my shoulders and went on my way. But life have made a joke me again. A day last, Again was Monday and I was coming back from work. This time I was alone. I needed a coffee. So I turned aside in my favorite bar. It opened at five, worked as cafe, at night changed into discotheque. Only there they prepared the coffee on my taste. I flattered myself to think that the reason was the barman liked me because every time he brought it to me with smile and winking. I took it and sit down on a free table. You know how you make conclusion for a person from his/her behavior?

- One 'Sweet Dreams', with two lemons.

The voice made me turn around. On the bar was standing the man I liked yesterday. When he get the cocktail, he sucked up it thirstily. That was a lady's cocktail. I have known that because I recommended it to my lady-friends. Oh God, he was a gay! It was no cause to hope for anything. I smiled to myself. The kid was right that we have to accept life with smile because without sense of humor we are lost. It made me laugh that I had fallen in man who was gay and listened to the metal music and he has also girlfriend that I started to giggle. Everything is funny when it wasn't happen to you, isn't it? And I had a feeling that I was watching alongside of myself like in movie which passed before my very eyes. In the bar were only I and the man except the staff ,of course. That fact was provoked surprised looks towards me. He also twisted to me. That made me to shut up suddenly and to stare at his eyes. I didn't know how he make that with the eyes. As I looked at him I shut up gazing. I felt speechless.

- Is it funny? Please, lady, tell me.

I turned red like I was in love at school and began to swallow. That couldn't be true!I was dreaming I couldn't explain that anyway. I swallow the coffee at once. That brought new difficulties to me. It was hot and I began to cough and drown. He gave me a pat on the back and after a while I was well.

- Are you all right?

I only nodded.

- Do you need anything?

- Wa-te-e-r .I got there in a mutter.

I was so ashamed from it as I would be glad of an earthquake or some other nature disaster. And the ground really was trembled but the reason was passing tram. That made me to laugh again. He smiled and gave me the water. I drank and the stream of water stopped the laughter and sobbing.

- And now would you tell me what was so funny?

- Thank you!

- About what?

- Because you saved me of course.

- It's all right! And now I want to tell me the joke and you couldn't blow over with getting off the point!

- I feel awkward about saying it.

- I just saved you, didn't I?

- It's true but you may resent from it.

- I doubt it.

I began the story of the kid and completed with my last laugh. He listened to me patiently. At the end he burst into loud-voiced laughter. It was infectious and everyone in bar started laughing. A woman wanted to come in the bar but when she has seen what was happening ,went out quickly. After we calmed down he had explained to me everything. The flowers were about a wedding where he had been invited and the guitar was for bridegroom who had listened heavy metal and played in a band. And the cocktail? He just like it. The explanation haven't nothing in common with my thoughts, of course. You are wondering if my personal life exists?

Yes, tomorrow I have a date with that man. And the same day he kissed me when he accompany me to the taxi. And the kiss....was wonderful.

And you ?Do you have sense of humor?

Photo is used by Creative Commons of pasma.



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    • Fenrisiys profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Bulgaria

      Thanks for nice words! I'll write moore!

    • northweststarr profile image


      8 years ago from Washington State

      A sense of humor? What's that? Love your hub darling!

      "True humor springs not more from the head than from the heart. It is not contempt; its essence is love. It issues not in laughter, but in still smiles, which lie far deeper."

      --Thomas Carlyle


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