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Should you buy a Kindle and make your life easier

Updated on March 25, 2014

Kindle do you need one?

There has been much talk in the news lately about e readers. If you don’t have one you have probably at least thought about if you need one. If you’re in the thinking about one group and trying to decide which ereader to get, the Kindle is the e reader that you want.There are many things that you can use your Kindle for other than just reading books that you buy online. You can use the Kindle for reading almost anything you want, whenever you want because of its portability and ease of use.

Kindle Fire

Now that Kindle has put out the Fire, Amazon has a device that is much more than an ereader. The fire looks like a very capable gadget and could fill the need for many people. If you want an ereader, then the Kindle 3 is still the best ereader on the market. The e ink screen is very comfortable to read and hold, and it weighs about the same as a paperback book.

Kindle 3
Kindle 3 | Source

My wife is a big reader so I researched the available e readers for several weeks and decided that the Kindle was the best.I got her one as a gift. As I started to see more things that the Kindle was useful for, I decided I needed to get one for myself.I don’t personally read a lot of books and the books I do read are mostly non-fiction.Before I did my research, I didn’t think I needed something to read books because what I do read is a lot of blogs, hubs, the Bible, and many online articles.

The new Kindles

Since I wrote this, there have been many changes with the Kindle. If you want one just for reading, the Paperwhite is by far the best and easiest to read from. My wife has one of them now and reads on it everyday.

The Kindle fire was a nice addition to the group, but the latest Kindle fire HDX is a huge step up from that. I have an HDX and I use it all the time. It is a portable computer and a great book reader as well. I can do all my email, browse the web, look at my calendar, have it read the Bible to me on my way to work, and update my blogs.

The greatest thing about using the HDX for reading is that you can highlight important parts of the box, which are stored in a note area where you can look at only the notes if wanted. I can save the notes for reference at any time to see what I wanted to remember. It is also a very nice reader to read books on. I read almost all fiction, so noting and being able to find what I want to remember is important.

Buying books

The main reason for most people buying a Kindle is for reading books, but there is so much more that you can read and do with your Kindle.If you do want to buy books, Amazon has a good selection of books.You can get most all of the classics for free from Amazon.Once you set up your account, you can look at the books and buy them with one mouse click, it’s very easy.You can do it on your computer or do it directly from the Kindle.

Kindle archives

Amazon archives all the books you get from them if they are not on your Kindle.After you read a book it will be there if you want to ever read it again.If you have multiple Kindles on the same account, you will be able to read them on any of the devices on that account.You can also read them on your smart phone, or Ipad or your pc.If you delete a book from your Kindle that you got from Amazon, it will go into your archives for whenever you want access to it.

Kindle Apps

There are a few other apps that you can use on the Kindle.There is a very good calendar app that can keep track of your schedule and to do lists.It is from 7 Dragons. There is also weather from Accuweather that will give you your local forecast whenever you want it.I’m sure there will be more apps coming in the future.

Kindle Games

There are several games that you can get from Amazon to play on the Kindle.There are word games and solitaire, blackjack, video poker, and more.You can get them free sometimes, but even when not free, they are only 1 or 2 dollars.

Free Kindle books

This is one place the Kindle shines.If you are not looking for a particular book, there is no problem finding plenty of free books that you should be interested in reading.Amazon is the best place to find good free books.You can go to their site.Go to this page, you can get the classics for free at the top of the page, then go down to the special limited time free books, and find many newer books offered for free or very low cost.Remember anytime you look at a book page on Amazon or buy a book, free or not, always look below at the list of other books people bought that bought this book.If the book you are getting is free, the ones below will mostly be free as well.If you want someone else to do the looking for you, check out and subscribe to get emails from this site.Michael Gallagher sends out emails daily with the latest free Amazon books, they are in every category and all free.There are many other sites where you can get free books, most of them require a little work but it’s not hard.Read my other Hub to get more details retails read this hub.

Kindle web browser

Surfing the web on the Kindle is not like on your computer, but the browser is not bad.The only negative points are that it does not support java or flash, and it can only open 1 page at a time.For a quick look up of something or looking for a movie to see or something simple, it works well.Try to use the mobile version of the websites that you want to use, and bookmark them.

Storing your information

You can use the Kindle to store personal info that you want to carry with you.The device can be password locked to keep your info safe.Anything you want to keep on the Kindle can be entered into a word document or sent from an email directly to the Kindle.The Kindle comes with an email address that you can use to send books and document directly to the Kindle and store or read whenever you want to read them.You must go into manage Kindle on your account page at Amazon, go to personal document settings on the left side of the page.Enter approved email addresses that you will accept emails from, then you can send whatever you want to kindle.

Audio books

You can listen to Audible audio books and mp3’s on the Kindle, just like you do with your ipod or other mp3 device.

Kindle covers

After looking at many covers, I have found that the best one is also on of the least expensive.You can get it from Amazon as well; it is the Acase for the Kindle 3.It is well padded, looks nice and holds the Kindle securely to keep it clean and safe.

Which Kindle to get

There are 6 Kindle models available now.3 of the new Kindles have no keyboard. The base model has no touch screen and 2gb of memory. The next 2 models have a touch screen and 4 gb memory. One has wifi only, the other has 3G as well. The wifi keyboard model and the keyboard 3G are still available with special offersTo have anywhere access, you need to get the 3G models.The special offers are very unobtrusive and will not bother you at all, you barely notice them.The other model is the Kindle DX that is the same as the 3G without special offers but it has a 9-inch screen instead of a 6-inch.The price is considerable more and the 6-inch screen is fine for every document other than some PDF’s.The 3G model with special offers is the best model for the price right now.Once you have a Kindle and learn all to use it for, it will be one of your favorite things.

The Kindle fire is the new top of the line model. It is more of a tablet and looks to be a huge success with it's color screen and new fast web browsing and lots of apps. More info on the Fire when it starts shipping and reviews are available.

Read this

Once you get a Kindle, read my other hub on all of the really cool things you can do with your Kindle on top or reading books.


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    • spease profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Minneapolis Mn

      Amazon has said that they will have the lending program through libraries available later this year.

    • shellyakins profile image


      8 years ago from Illinois

      I love my Kindle, too. I just wish there was a way that I could zap books to my other friends with a Kindle or check out E-books from the library. If someone knows how to do this, let me know :)

    • cooperfsu profile image


      8 years ago from Valencia, Spain

      I am in love with my Kindle! There are so many great advantages. Great info.


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