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Do you want to delete everyone? – A short story

Updated on August 19, 2012

“What on earth are you doing Akash?” I said after I arrived at our chosen café. I was an hour late due to rush in traffic and Akash was one heck of a troublesome friend to understand that.

“Deleting You!”

He kept writing something on a notebook and when I leaned a bit to see what he was writing, I learned that it was my name and a little story underneath it with some time stamps. This was his personal notebook. It was thin and covered with black leather jacket, pages were looking a bit old but it was the texture of that notebook and Akash loved it.

“You have seen that crazy anime again, haven’t you Akash?”

He looked in my eyes in that killer mode. “What do mean?”

“That Death book… note… or something… hmm?” I sat on the opposite chair as I saw him scribbling as fast as he could. However, his motions were fast only when he would finish writing. He would stretch his last stroke in air and as he would write next sentence, his hand would come all the way from its length. He definitely attracted some attention out of café’s crowd. “People are gonna think that you are crazy buddy”.

He finished writing his delete function and stared at his watch for 30 to 40 seconds, as he always did after writing someone’s name. I ordered two cups of coffee after seeing that there was no point in waiting for Akash to order one.

The café was quick enough to serve two cups of coffee. As the coffee arrived and I took a sip, I asked him, “How long has it been?”

He looked at me and closed his notebook after scratching the whole page diagonally. “Two minutes and 10 seconds!”

How about some lovely short stories?

“Extending the rules all by you, huh?” I smiled as he looked at me. It was obvious that he was too drawn by this anime and a couple more, but whenever he would get frustrated upon somebody, he would just write his/her name and hope for him/her to vanish from this world and it was just… what can I say… plain stupid!

“Why do you care? The powers of this notebook are fading, you are lucky!” He set his book aside and started sipping his cup.

“As were those several people, who you were gonna delete, right?” My smile got even bigger and it was amusing how annoyed he was.

“Yeah right!”

“Do you want to delete everyone?!” I looked straight in his eyes over the rim of my cup.

He looked into my eyes from his cup and said in a low tone, “No! What would I do without you and everyone else?” He placed his cup on table and sighed as past came running before his eyes, “If I could… I would have wanted you by my side… forever.”

“Sir, would you like to have something else!” Akash looked at the waiter who had just arrived.

“No… I am leaving.” He looked at his notebook on the table, picked it up and tucked it inside his overcoat, “If only I could revive you again… I would!”

He left the café after a while, for the waiter to pick his two cups from the table as always.


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    • kksonakiya profile image

      Krishnakant Sonakiya 6 years ago from Gwalior

      I also love the anime Rehana. But I felt very sad when Kira killed L. :(

    • Rehana Stormme profile image

      Rehana Stormme 6 years ago

      I've watched Death Note - it's one of the top anime anyone should watch!

    • kksonakiya profile image

      Krishnakant Sonakiya 6 years ago from Gwalior

      Thanks for your kind words Clairpeek. You might want to read my another story: Is it gone - A short love story.

      It is really really short and won't take a lot of your time. I'd appreciate your love there too. :)

    • Clairepeek profile image

      Clairepeek 6 years ago

      Wow! This was a great story... very down to earth, so to speak although the obvious fantasy related to the anime 'Death Note' - nice touch by the way. I had to read it again just to take in the feelings of your character another way. Real good work! Voted up.

    • profile image

      billionaire12  6 years ago

      lawrence. I always look at your hubs though :)

    • kksonakiya profile image

      Krishnakant Sonakiya 6 years ago from Gwalior

      thanks man your comment means a lot to me. for a while i thought that u have quit visiting my hubs. i m glad u came back. can i know ur real name buddy, mine is krishna?

    • profile image

      billionaire12 6 years ago

      nice story something other than tech stuff. I like the versatility :)

    • kksonakiya profile image

      Krishnakant Sonakiya 6 years ago from Gwalior

      oh yeah.

    • profile image

      jamesb0nd 6 years ago

      did you wrote that.