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Doctor Who: Deep Time by Trevor Baxendale

Updated on September 11, 2015


I was sent this book,Doctor Who: Deep Time by Trevor Baxendale, for free from Blogging for Books in exchange only for my honest and unbiased review of Doctor Who: Deep Time by Trevor Baxendale.

The Phaeron disappeared from the universe over a million years ago. They travelled among the stars using roads made from time and space, but left only relics behind. But what actually happened to the Phaeron? Some believe they were they eradicated by a superior force… Others claim they destroyed themselves. Or were they in fact the victims of an even more hideous fate?

— Trevor Baxendale

In the far future, humans discover the location of the last Phaeron road – and the Doctor and Clara join the mission to see where the road leads. Each member of the research team knows exactly what they’re looking for – but only the Doctor knows exactly what they’ll find. Because only the Doctor knows the true secret of the Phaeron: a monstrous secret so terrible and powerful that it must be buried in the deepest grave imaginable…

— Trevor Baxendale

Trevor Baxendale's books

  • Doctor Who: Deep Time
  • Doctor Who: Prisoner of the Daleks: The Monster Collection Edition
  • Doctor Who: Fear of the Dark
  • Doctor Who: Heart of Stone
  • Torchwood: Something in the Water
  • Doctor Who: The Deadstone Memorial
  • Doctor Who: Wishing Well
  • Torchwood: The Undertaker's Gift
  • Criminal Intent
  • Eater of Wasps
  • War of the Robots: Decide Your Destiny
  • The Game of Death
  • Doctor Who : Coldheart
  • The Janus Conjunction
  • Something Inside
  • The Dark Flame
  • Highlander: The Lesson
  • The Dragon King: Decide Your Destiny Story

Trevor Baxendale has written both Doctor Who and Torchwood novels for BBC Books, including Eater of Wasps, The Undertaker's Gift and the award-winning Prisoner of the Daleks. His novel Fear of the Dark was reprinted in 2013 as part of Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary celebrations. He has also written scripts for Big Finish's Doctor Who, Robin Hood and Highlander audio plays, and most recently the full cast audio drama Blake's 7: Scimitar.

— Trevor Baxendale


As always "I was sent this book,Doctor Who: Deep Time by Trevor Baxendale, for free from Blogging for Books in exchange only for my honest and unbiased review of Doctor Who: Deep Time by Trevor Baxendale."

I am a fan of the newer Doctor Who TV series (Doctors Nine, Ten, Eleven, and Twelve). Honestly out of the newer Doctors I prefer the ninth and tenth Doctor the most so going into this book I was skeptical about if I would like it or not.

The book begins with a prologue that starts int the future with the research team waiting on two member to arrive. One guess on who they are waiting for. The Doctor and Clara and with their arrival the book skips forward to chapter one and backwards in the plot line. We now begin half an hour earlier with Clara as the Doctor pops in unannounced and whisks her away to another galaxy to take part in a space exploration team heading for a new worm hole.

The Doctor and Clara join the team as they board the research ship and head for the wormhole. At this point the reader gets to meet and become familiar with most of the characters that will spend the book with the Doctor and Clara. Of these extra characters my favorite is Jem a genetically engineered augmented clone who can sense space and time.

The book spends a few chapters on the ship before the real action happens when the team gets to the wormhole. Now I don't want to provide detail about this part because that would give away way too much about the book, but what will say is that I enjoyed reading it immensely.

I was very glad that I decided to give this book a try with the twelfth Doctor. The relationship between the Doctor and Clara is spot on with the Doctor embarrassing Clara and Clara trying to pull the Doctor back toward social norms. Overall I would recommend this book to all Doctor who fans.


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