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Is Money really sweeter than honey?

Updated on November 11, 2015

What did the Father of Economics say?

Adam Smith , the father of Economics, some two centuries ago had said that money is the pivot around which the whole world revolves. At that period of time the world Economy had not grown to such an extent. Money was important but was not the be all and end all for the mankind. People wanted money but were not running behind it. But still there was a reason for which he said what he said. From the time barter system got scrapped and a common commodity called money was introduced for procuring goods and services, money started attaining center stage in each and every person’s life. The main goal for every living person in this world is to earn money.

Is money the only deciding factor in our lives?

So many times we have heard people stating that money is not the only deciding factor in our lives. We are judged by our acts and virtues. But is it really true? Do we really mean it or is it a way to cover ourselves when we fail to earn as much as we would like to earn? If we are really judged by our actions then why are we taught different ways to earn money? Why are we judged by our monthly income and our financial status? Why are we forced to take up subjects which will assure us of a job after we complete our education? These are some questions for which we will get different answers from different people. But the fact of the matter is that money has the power to decide the way one wants to lead his or her life. If that was not true then every morning we would not be running the rat race. We would not be spending hours working hard going out of our comfort zone the get that extra bit of income to give a secured life to our family.

Self Actualization- the pinnacle of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs

It is funny but true that the pinnacle of maslow’s Hierarchy of needs is achieved every day by some section of the society. This section is known as the middle and upper middle class. This is the most hard working and dreaming yet the most self content section of the society. How can one be dreaming and hard working yet be self content at the same time? Ask a common man and he will explain it to you in a very strange manner. He will have an answer for you as to why he dreams to be rich. His reason for having dreams of being big are related to his family. He wants his family to have a better life than he had. He wants his children to be able to go to a better future than he had. He wants his wife and children to be able to enjoy vacations and not worry about money and lead a happy life. For him, happiness is directly related to the amount he has at his disposal.

At the same time he will tell you as to why he is self content. This will be a bit bizarre as the reasoning for him being self content will be in stark contrast to the reason for him to be wanting to climb up the ladder. You will hear him stating the virtues of being content with what he has in life. The ill affect of greed. The view of seeing others who are below him and feeling blessed for having achieved more than many who have not got what he has.

So how much of Honey.. I mean money, is needed to make your life sweet?

A question which has never been answered and might never be answered. How much is enough and how much is too much is something which can never be defined when it comes to money. That is because as soon as we set a goal and are able to achieve it we tend to raise our bars of expectations. So every time we reach our said goals we raise the bar a bit higher and set another goal. No, it is not wrong to set a higher goal in life and set targets to achieve them. But the question is how long and how fast should we running behind the x factor called money? Even honey consumed more starts tasting a bit sour. Does that not reflect with money too? It is high time we start doing some self introspection as to how much is too much? Or else we might end up giving such a competitive world to our next generation that instead of enjoying small success they will be busy running after some abstract goal which majority of them might not be able to achieve. And what will be the end result of it? Let time not decide the fate of our next generation. Let us create an environment where they decide how important money is in their life and what role does it play.Let us become responsible citizens who hand over the baton to the next generation with pride and not with worries of running behind money.


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