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Does every advance involve some loss or sacrifice?

Updated on June 11, 2013

An essay

A well-known saying goes: " Everything has its price." This is also true for every advance. One must take one step backwards, before taking two forwards. The price of every advancement is a sacrifice. Many losses before any progress can be seen in various areas of human interaction and involvement.

One may even sacrifice a life to achieve something. For example, in Kazuo Ishiguro's novel "Never Let Me Go" life is forfeited for the greater good of society and humanity to succeed in technological and medical issues. In this science fiction novel human clones are genetically produced and then slowly harvested for their organs until they dies in agonizing and inhumane pain. The author describes a situation, where not only lives are sacrificed to increase the longlivity of human beings, but also basic human emotions and moral values, such as sorrow, compassion and empathy. This example also shows that sometimes multiple sacrifices are need to progress in a certain area.

Advancement in one certain activity, may be given up to allow for further development in another. A recent change in my personal life is a compelling illustration of such an ironical situation. After many years of soccer training, I stood at a crossroads; my options being a better higher education or to attempt to become a professional soccer player. Despite my extensive progress in soccer, I decided to follow, what will hopefully be an interesting and fruitful life of education in an elite private boarding school with a scholarship. In this instance, I sacrificed my initial achievements in soccer to be able to advance academically and intellectually. Although one may find this decision ironical or half-witted, due to the loss of advancement, the change has so far been very positive and productive for me.

Another possibility lies withing the sacrifice of an emotion, or even all emotion. In the popular pop culture action movie "Equilibrium", humanity, lead by a harsh, yet revered dictator, has forfeited every type of emotion, to create and maintain world peace and prosperity. Through the constant use of a drug, human emotions are irrevocably lost. In this dystopian world, one receives the drug by armed policemen. In this award-winning film humanity has sacrificed one of its unique characteristics to prevent another devastating world war and a huge loss of life. Despite, the large sacrifice, it is generally accepted to provide mankind with a peaceful and secure environment.

Thus, one can observe in these examples that every advance is accompanied by some kind of loss. However, any roadblock on the path to success my be passed with motivation, perseverance and a sacrifice.

My examples

Facts and Figures

  • Never Let Me Go: Check my hub -essay on the book:
  • Written in 2005, by Japanese-British Kazuo Ishiguro.
  • Best Novel of 2005, according to TIME magazine.
  • Adapted into an award-winning film in 2010
  • Equilibrium: filmed in 2002
  • Christian Bale and Sean Bean
  • Top 5000 on

Are my thoughts true?

So, do YOU believe that every advancement comes at a price?

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    • Mathewson profile imageAUTHOR

      Andro Mathewson 

      4 years ago from Germany

      Thank you very much. I try my best

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Whoever wrote this, you know how to make a good aritlce.

    • Mathewson profile imageAUTHOR

      Andro Mathewson 

      5 years ago from Germany

      Thanks for the comment. I too believe that a life should not be sacrificed... But sadly it has been done and is still being done!

    • Darksage profile image

      Khen Ramos 

      5 years ago from Philippines

      Nice Article, good sir. I like your idea of advancement connected with sacrifice. Personally, in my opinion, I actually think that for one to gain something(or advance in something) one must sacrifice something. Simple thinking actually. But in humanity's case, we cannot sacrifice a life for another. That is inhumane. You have a great point and looking forward to read more of your articles! Voted up!


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