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Does it have to end like this?

Updated on August 29, 2012

Does it have to end like this?

Sleepless, desperate,worn out,jetlagged

in a deep abyss of darkness.

Does it have to end like this?

Betrayed, isolated,beaten,dying in pain

by inertness.

Does it have to end like this?

Two hearts apart

Two lives depart

You told me once you would go through water and fire to save our flower from a shriveled drought,

from a dark shadows to clout.

You told me once,remember,I was your entire existence,your breath,your light,your ocean.

You've got my head entwined in a fake devotion,

span its wheels in commotion

Your dry heart was masked by a lotion

and my heart was misguided by a false emotion

I was a dreary potion,

a transitory option.

You drained me up to the core

and left through the back door

as much quicker as the light

when troubles benight.

Does it have to end like this?

Alone wherever I go,

whatever I do

Bankrupt of dreams

Chained by awkward schemes

Lost in my world like a floating cloud in a vast empty sky.

Does it have to end like this?

I may not survive

or make it worth to revive.

Lord! lift up you plight

and make me see land in sight

and birds in flight.



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