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Dollhouse 101

Updated on October 29, 2016

Dollhouse 101

Painted faces hide the memories of a dark childhood left untold, he picked her picture from a book of red and her description fit his fantasy mold

He already knew what she was all about there was no

secret or surprise, she was selling her soul for

money, his soul for the deceit and lies

A high class companion straight from a magazine, compensated for the time she gave not what she would do, nothing else in between

But after all of the seductive business done, next week he came right back to you

A never ending circle of breaking her soul and his family

He went back home to love his wife and kids, she stayed in the motel rich, high and lonely

To some she looked like raw success to others a homewrecker disgusting and ugly

It's not the beauty on the outside that matters, it's how beautiful your soul is anyways

A pretty face will catch their attention a unique heart will make them stay

When you cannot see your worth, some consider that you're weak prey

It's the same, sad revolving door every single night and day

Girls seek attention, women seek respect

That's why I've left the lifestyle and put a gold cross in a heart around my neck

No matter what happens in life it's hard to face but it's true

Nobody else but the Heavenly Father can give true unconditional love to you

Every human will make you hurt and feel pain it's those you feel that are worth suffering for

In the end I'm forgiven of my sins and cannot wait to reach the stairs of Heaven and open it's spotless glorious door.


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