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Dominance: Third book of the Flavius Josephus Journals

Updated on December 28, 2015

I am pleased to announce that the third book in the Flavius Josephus Journals series has been released today and is available at Amazon Books worldwide. For those that have been reading the series, you will recall that in Book 2: Defiance, it concluded with the decimation of the Roman legions garrisoned in the Levant. After, over two yearts of continuous fighting, the army of the Jewish Resistance, under the military genious and civil leadership of Joseph ben Matthias, had for the first time since King David one their independence by actually defeating their enemy on the battlefield. Not even the Maccabees were capable of doing so, relying moreso on a signed truce with the Seleukid Empire in order to secure a quasi-state of freedom. Aware of the grwoing insurgence in the East, spurred by the victories of the Jewish Rebels, the Emperor Nero summons his most illustrious general, the conqueror of Britannia, Flavius Vespasianus, along with this son, Titus, with instruction that they are to sail to Judaea and subjugate the Jews, eliminate the resistance and take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that the stiff necked Judeans will never prove to be a sore on the backside of Rome, ever again. In Dominance, Joseph finds himself in the unenviable position of being the centre of the adoration of his people but from the secret messages sent to him by his lover, Berenice, the Beautiful Queen of Ulatha, he is aware that the adulation might be short lived, as she warns him that the Romas are coming!

Though Jewish historians over the ages have portrayed Flaivus Josephus as the Benedict Arnold of the Jewish people, this perspective has been unfairly assigned by the community leaders that refused to accept the failure to sustain their victories on the battlefield was the result of their own infighting and duplicity. Once the politics are stripped away, then it becomes obivous that Flavius Josephus was not only a hero, but would do whatever was necessary in order to ensure that his race, his people would survive.


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