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Dominions by James A. Burton

Updated on September 7, 2015


I was selected to receive an Early Reviewers copy of Dominions by James A. Burton from the August 2015 batch from Library Thing. I was sent this book only for an honest review I was not given any incentive to write a positive or negative review of Dominions by James A. Burton.

Not all Gods are created equal .Some are omniscient. Some omnipotent. Only one can forge a blade that can kill another god. And now that Albert Johansson has done it, all hell is breaking loose.

When the goddess of death killed the goddess of chaos, she hadn’t meant to wake every other god and godlet on earth and beyond, yet that’s exactly what Melissa el Hajj has done. Now every single one of them is hunting her, drawn by the demon knife she carries.

— James A. Burton

When gods die, worlds shatter. Kill too many and there will be nothing left. Mel’s blade is on a mission to kill them all, and anyone that stands in its way. Unfortunately for Mel and Al, it just might succeed. Now it’s a race to unmake the blade before it destroys everything they love, including each other.

— James A. Burton

James A. Burton

James A. Burton is more well known by the name James Hetley. James A. Burton/James Hetley is an architect, who has been a Kempo karate instructor, electronics instructor, trash collector, and operating engineer. James A. Burton/James Hetley served for three years in the United States army for the Vietnam war. James A. Burton/James Hetley currently lives in Maine.

James A. Burton/James Hetley has written:

  • The Summer Country
  • The Winter Oak
  • Dragon's Eye
  • Dragon's Teeth
  • Dragon's Bones
  • Signatures
  • Ghost Point (Stonefort Stories)
  • Spellbinders Collection
  • Powers (The Bladesmith Book 1)
  • Dominions (The Bladesmith Book 2)


As I wrote at the top "I was selected to receive an Early Reviewers copy of Dominions by James A. Burton from the August 2015 batch from Library Thing. I was sent this book only for an honest review I was not given any incentive to write a positive or negative review of Dominions by James A. Burton."

Dominions by James A. Burton is the second book in the Bladesmith book series; I have not read book 1: Powers. So please understand that my review is based on only book two and not book one.

The first thing I noticed about Dominions by James A. Burton is the striking cover that draws you in. The cover just screams adventure and sci-fi, my favorite genres. The cover does not disappoint the cover is simply a reflection of the well written amazing story that awaits any read who lifts the cover.

The Dominions by James A. Burton begins with the Goddess Mel, Mel reflects a bit on what happened in relation to the knife and Al. The author did a good job with setting the scene for both returning readers and new ones. Mel's recounting opens the doors for new readers, inviting them in with information that they would need to understand the book. For instance with in the first chapter the reader leans that Mel is the avatar of Kali and that she protects her tribe of people and in turn they inform her of who she after each reincarnation.

In chapter two the perspective switches to Albert Johnson as he goes to meet up with Mel and encounters the scorpion God. From then on the book continues to switch perspectives at will. This change helps the reader to feel connected with more than one of the characters as the reader leans about what different characters are thinking through out the book.

Overall I enjoyed reading Dominions by James A. Burton, but I truly wish that I would have had the opportunity to read book one first because while book two was an amazing read there were still spots where I was left confused because I did not have the knowledge I needed from book one for everything to make sense. I would recommend this book to all supernatural fans, but I would also tell them to read book one first.


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