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Don't Fret It.

Updated on January 23, 2010


Don't Fret It.


You can't play

on broken strings,
whether they

be heartstrings
or the stretched

wires of a guitar,
suddenly snapped.



requires healing,
and the entanglement
of a rebound love,
will only leave

you hanging



someone along
simply because

you are lonely,
or seeking to

foster jealously
in the one that left you
by instantly finding another,
leaves the strands

of your heart torn
and unconnected

 to anything
that has

lasting worth.

When the music

of love stops,
one must take time

to repair the damage,
separate what no

longer allows you
to find harmony

in your life,
let time and

patience replace
your dangling


Soon enough

love will again
stretch bound across

the instruments of love,
lips sharing joyous songs,
fingers pressing

passionate inspiration
and all of your world in tune...
enjoyed only by an

audience of two.

Take time

to mourn

what is passing,
learn from what

caused it to fade
into the final notes of despair,
and then go forth

with confidence
from lonely solos

to duets,
as a star

in another

love's eyes.






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