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Don't Let Rejection Reflect Who You Are As An Artist

Updated on May 25, 2015

Be Confident In Your Work As An Artist

So you're passion is to be writer and you're willing to do whatever it takes to make that come true correct? Do you feel you were born this way, as if it was a natural talent that you always knew you had since a young child? Or is it something that you just like to do because through all the books you read it inspired you to become a writer yourself? We'll there you have it, you answered you're own questions. So why would you ever doubt yourself because the publishers you sent your writings to said they weren't good enough or told you the same old tired lines they tell every writer who submits. "Thank you for sending in your story but unfortunately you're book doesn't meet our qualifications of what we're looking for. Please don't take this as a reflection of your work although we may not want it there may be other publishers that do". Any of that sound familiar? we'll I'll tell you this has happen to me plenty of times and at first it makes you sad, of course it does. It makes you think that maybe you're story isn't good enough or maybe your friends were just telling you it was good to not hurt your feelings. You cannot let that get to you, the only thing you can do is to keep writing more. Rejection is a part of the business and I been through it and so has you're favorite author. The music industry for example is full of liars and people that will feed you what they think you want to hear. People that want you to pay money to get the same book that keeps getting rejected by others so they can put it out for a hefty price. Only to make there pockets richer and promise you higher royalites. All I ask is that you be patient and as you wait write your next big story and don't let the turn downs keep you down. Although I never liked the terms "keep your chin up" or "keep your head high" they do mean something because looking down will do nothing but keep you scared or keep you right where you're staring at. Rejection does not mean to quit, it means to keep trying harder and don't let that awful word change who you are as a writer.


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