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Don't Make Contact

Updated on August 16, 2016
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Just a single mom raising her own 3 kids and her brothers 3. It's a hectic life, but someone has to do it.

Don't Make Contact

{Dressing to the nine's as I stand in my closet staring at myself in the mirror. I look damn good.

Playing it safe as I tone down my looks a little. Just a nice sexy black dress and heels. My hair draws enough attention. Letting the locks flow down my back as I step back over to the computer and re-read the details.

This should be simple. They only want eyes on the target. No contact, just a bit of recon.

Very few expect attractive women to be more than eye or arm candy. Ok, fuck this.

Grabbing a double shot of whiskey as I need the liquid courage. It's been a while since I did a side job. Last time I had to pose as an escort. That was fun. He wanted a night to remember. Laughing to myself as I think about him leaning in to kiss me and me jabbing the needle into his neck. His lips never grazed my flesh. He sure did have a lot to explain the next day. Oops

Back to this mission. Hollering out to @IBlong2You and @MelTheMemorable to let them know I was headed out.

Luckily, if anything went awry I had them and they knew all the details. I sorta sat them down and briefed them.

This job seems..... fishy. Why send me in for just recon? That is not what I am for.

I made my way out of the building and the couple blocks to the upscale bar. Immediately waved in as I step to the side of the velvet rope and into the club.

It was nice, leather furniture. Not packed. No blaring club music. Scanning the club as I step up to the bar to order my drink. Flashing a 1000 watt smile to the sexy male bartender.

Fuck the target sat 10 feet from where I stood. Hey, good news.... I found him! Shaking my head as my inner monologue starts up. Not the damn time.

Grabbing my double shot of whiskey straight up. I step to the side and find an empty seat where I can casually gaze at the target.

He's seated alone, his pictures did /not/ do him justice. He's the type I'd walk up to and pull them to the closet room. Eying my watch, fuck only been here 15 minutes.

Flipping my pink locks over my shoulder as I turn my head to look around. Just then a waiter comes over and hands me a drink and points to the target and slips me a note.

Curious as I flash the target a smile and nod in thanks before opening the note. "Would you like to join me for drinks?" #DontMakeContact

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© 2016 Rebecka Hanrahan


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