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Don't Pub-Leash Me.

Updated on December 02, 2009


Don't pub-leash me.   ©-MFB III   To an editor who plagues me with her endless abreviations of my heartfelt interpertations.  


Don't pub-leash me, outside the bars

of your own narrow minded releases,
rattling my chain

tying up my ramblings

with no slack granted,
cutting short my excursions
over fields of imagination.

Editing out my fondest thoughts
as trivial or space consuming
demanding twenty lines or less.\

Bending me like
a weeping willow branch
into a garland
that fits only your head.

There is nothing Noble about

such a piece prize. 

Stop turning my

press into de-press-ion.

pub-lash me instead,
beat me if you will
with constructive critique,
Hammer out my thoughts
into fine gold,
punch-uate it into shape.

I am a work in progress
you are my trainer not my jailer.

Your pink slip is showing
and I know what's underneath
I am about to be screwed.

by a cold fish.

I can see it in
the deadlines of your face
you demand a quickie
but I wish to linger
over a mound of steamy thoughts.

Let me lap at the verb trough
a while longer,
I have been sentenced to write
let me serve my time
in one main course.

Let my readers enjoy
the whole me,
by precision circumcision,
of my best parts.

I will give you a column
of many inches
don't reduce it so quickly
to yesterdays passion.
with your quick strokes,
and then back in the drawers.

Ride the spaces between the
fine line that glides
and let something big
slip through occasionally.
You'll be glad you did.


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    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 7 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      Ha! Pretty good!

    • fortunerep profile image

      fortunerep 7 years ago from North Carolina

      i like this, to the point


    • Artamia profile image

      Artamia 7 years ago from GTA, Canada

      """I have been sentenced to write

      let me serve my time

      in one main course."""


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