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I Don’t Wanna Grow Up

Updated on April 4, 2020

I think, It’s been a week almost.

I am now yearning for my home, for the comfort of my room , for the luscious meals cooked by mumma and most importantly and more than anything else, for her warm and cozy hugs full of love.

I wonder if mumma would be missing me too? Is she feeling the same ???

My mom doesn’t let me out of her sight even for an hour. And, I have never stayed away from her for such a prolonged duration. Avni’s (my best-friend) house is the only place where I have stayed for around 5–6 hours but that too only in daytime.

One thing which is continuously scratching my mind is — Why mumma didn’t tell me about teaching these “growing up lessons” ? Why she has chosen this way of teaching and why she asked Arun Uncle to teach me how to grow up ? Ohh…but, that’s also a part of the growing up lesson, as He tells me.

I like Arun Uncle. He is very nice to me. He brings yummy food for me everyday. Yesterday, he got me cheese pizza and chocolate cupcake. Today, he has promised to bring me chicken burger. He gossips with me for hours and also plays with me a lot. How sweet and kind he is, na!

However, I don’t know why he has kept me in this basement? It’s so dark and scary here. And the only thing, which I don’t like about him is that he keeps on touching me everywhere. I mean, like…..EVERYWHERE.

I even don’t know what that part of the body is called, the area between the legs. I know he loves me a lot, but when he kisses me I don’t feel the same way as when my mom and dad kiss me. And, why does he kiss me at so many places? I mean, my mom and dad kiss me only on my forehead or cheeks. I also told him this thing, but he said that’s the “growing up lesson” that mumma wanted him to teach me.

And why do I feel so dozy all the time? Why do I always feel like sleeping for the whole day? I am having very bad pain in my stomach and legs since last night and I had similar pain most of this week. Arun uncle promised me that he will bring some medicine today. I hope he is aware that I take syrups, not tablets; yukk…they tastes very bad and I find it difficult to swallow them.

It hurts so much when uncle lies down over me. Doesn’t he understands that I can’t take his body weight?Doesn’t he know that I am a little seven-year old girl?

Why did mumma want me to grow up so early? She has always told me not go anywhere without her. Then, why she did she let me go with Arun Uncle without even telling me herself that I have to go with him? Why did she choose such a horrendous place?

When Arun uncle brought me here, I thought it would be fun to play in this basement as its a huge space and he also told me that Avni would also join me soon but she hasn’t come here even once. I am so upset with her.

Now, I am desperately missing my mumma, papa, my school and my friends.

Even Arun Uncle didn’t visit last night. I felt so scared yesterday. Dogs were crying outside and making weird noises. I was clenching my bed continuously and was trying to recall the prayers that my mumma taught me. I don’t even remember when I fell asleep.

And, I just hate this closed door. I can’t even see the beautiful greenery and the blue sky outside. Arun Uncle (Avni’s Father) locks the door carefully every time before leaving and has forbidden me from going out. He says, I should stay inside as someone could take me away. How caring he is, na?

Though, he brought me beautiful and different Barbie dolls which I always love to play with(that’s what tempted me to this place, you know ;))…but, I don’t want to play with them alone. I want to play with my friends.

I know He cares for me a lot. But, I don’t want to stay here anymore. I want to tell mumma that I don’t like “growing up lessons and I don’t want to grow up anymore.

It hurts a lot.

I have been insisting Arun Uncle to take me home but he says I need to learn more, to be better than my sister (who’s all grown up).

I hope that these “Growing Up Lessons” will end soon , so that I can be with my mumma again.


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