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Don't you mind

Updated on November 11, 2014

Beyond repair

Emotionally attached I became/
A mistake only a fool would make/
I couldn't help it. I'm human. We're all the same/
And I let you take my heart. It was yours to take/
What should I have done? But stuck I am. Now what shall I do?/
Tear my heart out with a machete/ But you would never be ready/
I can't even look at you steady/
I can not think of another alternative or way/
You would never realize what I felt for you/
If only you could understand but upon St.cupid's ruins I now stand/
We could've been together think about it/
We could've had each other but you just blinked about it/
I guess it was never meant to be/
You were blind and only I could see/


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