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Short Story: Don't go Changing! Part(2)

Updated on March 9, 2014

Oh No! I can’t believe I did this! I locked myself out! My phone is inside; my keys are inside,

the landlord’s phone number is inside. He then said, well Tiffany; I don’t really know

how I am going to work this out, but I have actually snapped out of that thought, I was having making me feel that this is still all a dream. I am actually sure now, that this is no longer a dream that I am having, so let us go ahead and do what I came out to do. After which I am going to think some more, and he laughed silently.

It’s a good thing that I had not changed my clothes, he chuckled. I was actually just about

to get comfortable, sit down on the couch, and just go on to dream about you, and this night,

For this was definitely, the best nights of my life so far.

Tiffany was not worried; she was actually melting inside, knowing it was the very first time asking her dad to do anything like this . Knowing that the brief meeting between herself and Ryan was also such a dream for even her. He dad did not know what they had spoken about. He did not sound like he was married, for this was her only concern. What if she was taking her dad to meet in this way, that was married.

There was something there that was quite different , his stare during the concert , his eyes, and why did he come to see me at the podium , all these thoughts kept racing through her head. She felt compelled to see him , there was something different there.

She only remembered telling her dad, to tell one of the bodyguards to find where he lived, his name is Ryan she said. That's when her dad recognized the name and he knew that this was the same young man with whom he had met earlier yesterday.

Ryan was a very handsome blonde haired young man; he has this look, that once you met him

You won’t easily forget him.

Her dad knew he did drive, because he gave him the number for the local cab company,

So he told one of the body guards to follow him outside, and find a way to give him a ride home,

That he lived in his guest house on Harper st. which was a building owned by Tiffany and her dad.

He agreed and signed to rent the house short term.

Tiffany knew that there was something about that young man, which had already captured her heart, so after the concert, when her daddy explained to her, that he knew the young man, and where he was actually staying. She was extremely overwhelmed and knew, that for whatever the reason she had to see this young man again, her only worry, was that that he could actually be a married man. But it did not appear that way, and she had to find out herself.

She told her daddy, just take her to the house. She never bothered to explain anything further to her father, but he knew and loved his daughter, he trusted everything about her; there were no reasons in the past for second guessing her motives, and he was not about to start now.

She asked her dad only to take her there, and he did, she was always a mature responsible lady and that started from a very early age.,

She was a huge celebrity, very wealthy, she even employs her father on a full time basis

because of their relation and love. They maintain a very professional relationship and understanding, plus that a father who truly loved his daughter. She was his princess, pride and joy, and also an only child.

On the way to the limo she said to Ryan, is everything ok? He said sure! Almost catching himself dreaming,

He said, why did you ask? She said, you seem little quiet and you have not said much in a minuite.

Oh that, well my mind was on this entire situation, and I am believing that I have actually died and went to Heaven.

Then he smiled.

In his mind he thought,: She calls my name like she knew me for ages. He felt like he was being call from heaven and she truly was the angel calling.

Though at this point he knew it was no longer a dream, he still did not believe all this was

happening, he simply could not figure out how to act. Still the thoughts in his mind

was not allowing him to concentrate, inside he was saying things like , if this is a dream don’t, please don’t wake me. He felt as if he had already been in heaven, dream or whatever this was

It’s the very best revelation any person could possibly be involved in, or hope for.

He said, you actually scared the wits out of me, Tiffany. Just then this fellow who was

already waiting on the outside of the limo, opened the door. Tiffany went in, and he

Ryan followed.

Knowing she did not say anything to Ryan about the house or about her dad, so he knew nothing. He saw her father, but he was not thinking any about him being the very same man he rented this place from, actually still being in amazement and now the first time in this humongus Limo, it's nothing short of a dream.

Tiffany then said Dad this is Ryan, and Ryan meets my dad.

Ryan leaned forward and stretched his hand little, so he could reach her fathers hand. It's a huge space , regardless of where you sit. All this time Tiffany sat looking at them, but mostly at Ryan, trying to see if he would recognize her dad, since he had only recently met him;.

Ryan said please to meet ………you ah ah, ah, are you not Mr. Snyder?

To BE Cont…………….

The story continues readers and it gets even more exciting.

All rights reserved:


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    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Well being the very first . Let the words our of the mouth of others speak. But I thanks you for your thoughtful comment I do appreciate it very much.

      Thanks brethren Frank.


    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 6 years ago from Shelton

      this story or part two was exciting and epic.. it actually captured and released the unconscious mind.. hows that for a comment...