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Updated on October 24, 2009


Dormant.©-MFB III


I still remember his eyes
staring up at me from his wheelchair
like huge beacons of despair
rising from his twisted limbs.

There was a hunger there,
for all that I represented
in his crippled view,
strutting by on two strong legs,
my arms carrying books he could
never hold, let alone understand.

Love's sweet possibilities, girls to caress,
worlds to explore and such a bright future,
while he remained just a gargoyle of flesh
strapped to a leather and chrome throne,
that was his tiny kingdom for life.

A thin strand of drool,
graced his bone dry lips,
unable to even quench his own thirst,
he sat waiting for his caretaker,
at lunchtime outside a classroom,
at the school I once attended.

I don't know what became
of that unfortunate young man,
who was born outside the norm,
and forced to dwell amidst the well,
by parents wanting him to have
what all his peers enjoyed
they failed to see that he would be
a boy fate left with just a fork
in a world that peddled soup.

I wish I could have offered him,
the tastes of life I savored,
but I walked on a different plane,
and all his hopes were grounded,
on four wheels that creaked despair.


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    • Kaie Arwen profile image

      Kaie Arwen 

      8 years ago

      WOW................ the world of No Child Left Behind & Least Restrictive Environment. I see it every day. For those who can be successful; I say give them the world.......... for those who will find that graduation from high school has left them completely unprepared to function as individuals............ uh, I see their parents filing new and different lawsuits claiming the educational system hasn't done its job, yet again!

      I am a firm believer in allowing every student the chance to become everything that they can be, in pushing the limits that allow them to learn in every way that they are able, but I am also a realist, and I know that many will carry high school diplomas without ever having learned to read and write past the first or second grade level.

      I respect the parent that wants their child to socialize amongst their peers, but I also have witnessed the angst of a child who has been left behind, and the frustration of the child who no matter the modifications that have been implemented will never either feel or be successful. Such a fine line between what's right for one individual and what's wrong for the next. It's such a great feeling when it's right, and so hard to figure out when it's wrong.

      Your pieces are so diverse; love it! keep hubbing


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