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Doves In The Valley

Updated on March 2, 2017

Doves In The Valley

Sparkling elegance shines forth

To summon a chosen few

The duration of time has created a rhyme

Through a lens we can vaguely see

A notion of grace spread out on a place you here

I shed a single tear to help numb the pain

A call for social justice in are hearts today

Beautiful sunset with a whole host of laughter

We need to have a voice of reason

To look deep into the four seasons

Shape through us a unique sense of being

Travel the many miles of discovery

Filter through the notion of madness

Doves in the valley

white, grey, lavender & pink

A shining example to wipe their beak

Sadly we all look the other way

Turn are backs on nature's beckoning call

An Aura Of Twilight

Colors of vast forming extreme

Living in a world of mean

The eclipse of the sun has tainted my inner vision

Was there something else that you were missing

We traveled so far not to turn back now

No use looking back at the plough


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    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 10 months ago from United States

      I read the message that you shared my friend. We have a lot of hard work ahead to spread this news. It is humanities

      only chance. Blessings. whonu