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Down to the Nervous Wire

Updated on January 19, 2018
heather92383 profile image

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 10 years.

Man on Wire Poster
Man on Wire Poster
Office Space Poster
Office Space Poster
A picture of a cartoon dark side that you never want to become a reality.
A picture of a cartoon dark side that you never want to become a reality.

Clock has been ticking away for decades

Each minute like a knife cutting into both legs

Somehow missing both femoral arteries narrowly

As if by some bizarre twist of ironic fate

A joke where physical health surpassed mental wellness

Sanity tested by cartoon villains bent on the world ending

And the brutal sands of time blowing through everything

Thrown through a hellish gauntlet of scaling some personal walls

Getting bruised and numerous cuts on both arms and legs again

Driven crazy by a spouse eager to pretend you’re the remote control

And your temper tantrums are the nightly entertainment

Road rage became a daily part of the 40 hour commute

Unable to go medieval on everyone for fear of going too far

Carefully structured words may wound innocent bystanders

But weapons bring down much more than a playground insult

No sand thrown at the grade school bully

More blood has been shed more often than a snake’s skin

Jobs and relationships can be demolished

Only one nerve has stood the test of time

No matter what happened

Time has officially run out on the stop watch

The fourth quarter has declared a victor

Just not the one that was expected

Turn in your test papers

And move onto the next challenge.


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