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Dr Seuss Characters - My Top Five

Updated on October 8, 2017

My Top Five Dr Seuss Characters

Dr Seuss created hundreds of funny characters for children (and adults) to enjoy in his many books. Some of them starred in their own stories, some were recurring and some appeared in only a page or two of a single book. Find out which ones I love the most; this page features my top five Dr Seuss characters as well as a number of other memorable ones who did not quite make my top five. Readers can also vote for their own Dr Seuss character at the end of the page.


1. Sam-I-Am

Sam-I-Am is the pestilential proposer of the plate of putrid Green Eggs and Ham in one of Dr Seuss's most famous and cherished stories. Sam-I-Am is cheeky and persistent, with that child-like optimism that cannot be deterred from seeing a positive outcome even though he is rebuffed again and again.

Sam-I-Am continues to offer Green Eggs and Ham to a nameless skeptic throughout the book, suggesting that they be tried "here or there", "in a box", "with a fox", "in a boat" and "with a goat" to mention but a few.; the situations in which to try the gruesome meal gets sillier and sillier throughout the book, as do the amusing illustrations.

Sam-I-Am prevails at the end in a scene where all the people and animals of the story hold their breath with anticipation as the gruesome Green Eggs and Ham are tried; it is worth reading this book just for this illustration alone. Sam-I-Am remains one of my favourite Dr Seuss characters and probably one of the most loved by other Dr Seuss fans too.

Green Eggs and Ham
Green Eggs and Ham

What a brilliant book that teaches children not to judge things before they have tried them. Great fun with such amusing illustrations alongside wonderfully rhyming text.

Snuvs Wearing Gloves
Snuvs Wearing Gloves

2. Snuvs Wearing Gloves

Although these characters only appear in one page of a single Dr Seuss book, "Oh The Thinks You Can Think", the Snuvs wearing gloves are one of the most memorable Dr Seuss characters to me because of their sheer silliness and they also highlight the beauty of Dr Seuss's trademark wordplay.

When I was a child I used to enjoy making up fictional creatures and drawing them, so Snuvs with gloves stuck in my mind and are still one my favourite Dr Seuss characters. In fact the whole book they appear in is aimed at encouraging children to use their imagination. Snuvs are exactly the sort of creature that would have been born of my imagination when I was a kid which probably explains why I love them so much.

Oh, The Thinks You Can Think!: Green Back Book (Dr. Seuss - Green Back Book)
Oh, The Thinks You Can Think!: Green Back Book (Dr. Seuss - Green Back Book)

Aimed at very young readers this book is full of imaginative creatures and situations that kids love. As the title suggest this is all about using your imagination and Dr Seuss certainly used his to the fullest when dreaming up amusing characters like Snuvs, Bloogs and Guffs. Oh yes, and who would not like to eat a great big bowl of Schlopp?

The Lorax
The Lorax

3. The Lorax

The Lorax is a strange hermit-like character who "speaks for the trees" and attempts to counter the environmental destruction that is created in the Truffula tree forest by the industrialization of the Once-ler.

The Lorax is persistent in pointing out the unsustainability of the Once-ler's environmental exploitation and campaigns on the behalf of the creatures that inhabit the forest; the Bar-ba-Loots, Swommee Swans and Humming Fish, all of which have to leave their habitat due to environmental destruction that results as raw materials are exploited and pollution is uncontrolled all for the production of the totally useless "Thneeds". In other words the Lorax tries to put a stop to uncontrolled consumerism.

I have always been interested in nature and my degree is in Wildlife and Countryside Conservation, so, naturally, The Lorax is one of my favourite Dr Seuss characters.

The Lorax has been made into a 3D animated movie, you can read about it here: Lorax Movie .

The Lorax (Classic Seuss)
The Lorax (Classic Seuss)

This is one of Dr Seuss's most hard-hitting books, raising awareness of the environment and the stupidity of ultra-consumerism but somehow he manages to do all of that with charm, fun characters and amusing rhymes. Quite rightly this is one of Seuss's most famous and enduring books containing one of the most popular characters.

The Sneetches
The Sneetches

4. The Sneetches

The Sneetches are the title characters in the Dr Seuss book of the same name which highlights the stupidity of social segregation. Sneetches are either star-belly Sneetches or Sneetches without stars-upon-thars and this makes for a social divide that sees the Star-belly Sneetches living it up while enjoying marshmallow toasts on the beaches whilst those without stars are shunned from society and left to lurk in the shadows.

What is so great about the Sneetches is that it has the happy ending that the readers demand and all the Sneetches end up equal after having being ripped off by a confidence trickster, Sylvester McMonkey McBean, and even though they are stupid, bigoted and foolish they all end up happy together.

If this was not enough to love the Sneetches then just look at their cute, silly faces. The Sneetches are definitely one of Dr Seuss's best creations.

The Cat In The Hat
The Cat In The Hat

5. The Cat In The Hat

The Cat in the Hat is almost certainly Dr Seuss's most famous character and the most widely recognized having appeared in numerous cartoons and even his own movie. The cheeky Cat in the Hat features in two of his own stories and is the featured character in a couple of Dr Seuss activity books, not to mention that he is generally used as a Dr Seuss logo.

What makes the Cat in the Hat one of my favourite Dr Seuss characters is his sense of childish fun. All he wants to do is make tricks and play silly games and bring a big smile to people's faces. Although the Cat in the Hat is a bit naughty, trying to lead the children astray into his world of mischief, he is just pure fun and irresistable.

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More Great Dr Seuss Characters

Some other Dr Seuss characters that I like.

Fox In Socks
Fox in socks is a wonderful Dr Seuss character; playful, fun, optimistic and colourful. he introduces the most ridiculous tongue-twisters to the upset of poor Mr Knox.

Yertle The Turtle
The foolish King Yertle is a lesson for all egotistical leaders with his empire built upon the suffering of others; nice to see him end up in the mud!

Sylvester McMonkey McBean
This guy is an utter scoundrel, cheating the Sneetches of all their money and dreams. He is so recognizable as a politician or conman that you know that you have to smile.

Horton The Elephant
Elephants are always bound to bring a smile to a kid's face but Horton is such a kind-hearted creature it is difficult for adults not to like him too, particularly when he takes up the cause of the Whos, quite literally, the little people.

Thing 1 Thing 2
Thing 1 and Thing 2 are so likable because of their happy grins and silly mischief. I just wouldn't want them round my house as guests.

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