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Dr. Seuss HubNuggets: The Cat With the Hat

Updated on April 5, 2018
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Elle Fredine (RedElf), photographer, published author, Elle loves seeking out new writers, and catching up with old friends

On a wet, rainy night, much too dismal to write, Enelle sat at her keyboard and pondered her plight;

"I have so much to do - there are hubs I must write, but I haven't a single idea that I like!

...and HubNuggets to read! My team's counting on me, to deliver my picks by no later than three!"

...and we still have to clean from the reno party!"

The games had been fun once the renos were done, and the newly new clubhouse was "A-Number1!" - but from bottom to top all the snack trays and cups showed a barely begun spic-and-span clean-up.

As Enelle sat pond'ring her sad, sorry state, a wee knock on the door came. "Who's knocking so late? Who goes rap-tippy-tap on the team's clubhouse door?" Could a raven be knocking where none knocked before? "My name is not Edgar; it's Enelle, you know. If you're looking for Poe, down the road you must go!"

The Cat With The Hat

Image by RedElf, font from
Image by RedElf, font from

Patty Fish

Image by RedElf, picture from
Image by RedElf, picture from

The cat with the hat tries to write late at night...

Enelle wondered who'd come just to drip on the mat. Surely no-one she knew was as daffy as that. Yet someone or something had rapped, and what's more, was still rap-rip-tip-tapping, upon the front door.

Enelle opened the door, just to peek, just a crack, and she saw, on her mat, cup and saucer, and cat!

RedElf was soaked from her ears to her tail, and KoffeeKlatch Gals could have filled up a pail with the rain that was sloshing from saucer and rim. "We've come to play, Enelle," they cried. "Let us in!"

"No, no, Enelle! No," Patty Inglish admonished. "Remember their last visit? How they astonished us all with their antics, the wild games they played! Please, don't let them in. Think what Maddie would say!"

Maddie would not be pleased, Enelle knew without doubt, if the kitty and cup made more mess in the 'house.

"But we're so very chilly and wet," begged the two. "And we know such good games, games like 'Hide Patty's Shoes..."

"No shoe hiding, no!" Enelle firmly replied. "Only reading and voting - or just stay outside." So RedElf and Gal entered, swearing they would not torment Ms Patty, but read, and be good...

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Image by RedElf, pictures from and
Image by RedElf, pictures from and

Thing 2 and Thing 1 come to join in the fun...

They had just finished reading when came, as before, yet another small rapping tap-tapped on the door. ladyjane1 and Jason 2 dripped on the mat, their umbrellas blown inside out, broken - squashed flat.

"We've come to help, Enelle," the soggy pair chirped. "The more hands, the merrier - faster we'll work. We'll whiz through the cleaning, and reading, and voting, then we'll have time to play a new game - "Patty Poking!"

"No whizzing, no poking, no FaceBook, you two! If Gal and RedElf must behave, so must you!"

"But, Enelle," they cried as they swung from the ceiling, "We're feeling quite frisky, and "Poking's" appealing." They bounced on the sofa and piled up the chairs, and then juggled the dishes while sliding downstairs.

"Stop your sliding and juggling! This mess is not fun! There's reading and voting right now to be done."

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It was VERY rainy - photo from
It was VERY rainy - photo from

You'll all be in trouble when mother come home...

Simone hurried 'round the wet streets of the town. The rain was still pouring, in great torrents, down. "Enelle will be wond'ring and worried, I'm sure, for I promised to tidy the clubhouse with her."

When she opened the door, what a sight met her eyes - all the crockery, perched upon poles, stacked sky-high, while the whole team was yelling and rushing about. Such racing, and chasing of "things" through the house!

"Oh, no! ladyjane1, stop spinning those dishes - look out for the stairs! Jason 2, stop! Ms Fish is a member, remember," Simone Smith hollered. "It's HubNuggets night, not Fish-Bowling for Dollars!"

An awesomely quiet, hushed silence descended, as, sheepishly, throughout the wreckage, they wended their way to the kitchen - the team re-assembled. "Now - let's get to work. There is much to be mended before ripplemaker returns with our snacks. We shall clean up this mess - Enelle, Fish, you relax."

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Not quite "The End"...

ripplemaker returned, tuckered out from her shopping, with rainbows of happy ideas just a-popping, all ready to settle and get those thoughts written on "gratitude," "balance," "tips for the love-smitten..."

With parcels and bundles she ran for the door through the pelting-down rain, to get out of the storm. "My goodness, the whole team has gathered," she said. "And the house is so tidy! Enelle, you look dead! I've had such a day," ripplemaker was beaming. "I've cherries, and choc'late, and movies for screening - who's up for some popcorn?" To the kitchen she sped while the team watched, bemused.

"Well done, friends," Enelle said.

The HubNuggets Team

SimoneSmith, KoffeeKlatch Gals, Patty Inglish MS, Maddie Ruud, Jason Menayan, ripplemaker, RedElf, ladyjane1, Enelle Lamb
SimoneSmith, KoffeeKlatch Gals, Patty Inglish MS, Maddie Ruud, Jason Menayan, ripplemaker, RedElf, ladyjane1, Enelle Lamb

What were the HubNuggets?

HubNuggets Program - The HubNuggets project was a Special Program of HubPages that helped to promote new writers, explained at the HubPages Learning Center by Simone Smith, our Online Marketing Community Manager. Hub Pages continues to welcome and promote new writers.

Zsuzsy Bee created this fun, Project Dictionary: HubNugget Lingo

More hot tips on how to get traffic: Drive Traffic to Your Hub With Hub Pages Participation

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