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Dracula: The novel

Updated on July 7, 2017

Spoiler Alert

What is it about?

Bram Stoker was the author of this novel. He based his character in many european leyends, like balcanic and german. The book is devided in 27 chapters, written as a diary where many characters describes their situation through their own journal.

Journal of Jonathan Harker.

Jonathan Harker is an English lawyer who traveled to Transylvania, Rumania. From this place he received, from Count Dracula, a letter, where he requires his services. Dracula wants to buy a property in London. In his way to visit the count, Harker stayed at a hotel, in Bistrita, a rumanian village. Here he recceived another letter from Dracula that gives him welcome to his country. In the morning, ready to return to his trip to Transylvania, the wife of the owner of the hotel warns him that he should not get out due to be St. George´s day, day in which all the evil comes out. However Jonathan would not desist and she gave him a crucifix.

In his way to tha Count´s castle, he admired the sunset but also saw many peasants praying at the shrines. At this scene, the leader carriage hit the horses with a whip to go faster. When yhe carriage arrived Borgopass, place where another carriage picked Jonathan up and took it to the count´s castle. In his way there a lot of wolves sorrounded the carriages and he also saw blue flames.

Once he arrived to Dracula's Castle he waited until the count appeared and shaked Jonathan´s hand to welcome him. In that moment, the lawyer noticed that the count had a lot of strength and very cold hands. Jonathan entered in the Castle and had some dinner, but the count just talked, he didn´t eat. As they were exchanging words, Jonathan observed Dracula´s pointed ears, he was tall, had pale skin, and sharp teeth, which made him feel nervous. However he stayed the night in the castle.

The next day, Harker woke up and saw Dracula´s note in which he apologized for not be able to acompany him during the day. So Harker had breakfast. Later he gave a walk around the castle, full of expensive furniture and a library with incredible books. But there is something that bothers him: there are no mirrors.

At night, Dracula talked with Harker about many things, including the property that the count bought: an old mansion called Carfax fully isolated. near there, exists only a mental hospital and an old chapel. They spoke until dawn arrived, at this moment, Dracula began to acting very strange, that made Jonathan even more nervous, and this feeling increased even more when he was shaving and cut himself, making the count wanted to bit him. He also found out that he didn´t have any reflection. As if this couldn´t get worse, it turns out that doors and windows where locked. Now he was a prissioner.

Dracula asks him at night to stay for one month in Transylvania, invitation that he accepts, in spite of the strange warning the count gave him: that the only place he should sleep in was his bedroom. However he didn´t listen and entered to another room, where he fall asleep, during this time he dreamt or not that 3 gorgeous women with red lips and sharp teeth, they approached towards him but Dracula appeared and told them not to touch him, so he gave them a bag with something they could eat.

Jonathan woke up in his bed, he was vey confused. Days later,a group of Gypsies arrived with wooden boxes, what where they for? to know the answer he climbed to the count´s bedroom while the sun was still in the sky, and he discoverd a tunnel. There were 50 boxes and in one of them there was the count sleeping.

The lawyer is very frightened, so he asks Dracula to let him go. But it wasn´t easy, due a pack of wolves that chased him. once again in the castle, Jonathan decides to go back to the count´s room, were he was sleeping and tried to kill him, but it was imposible, so he escaped.

Dracula´s castle was magnificent but spooky
Dracula´s castle was magnificent but spooky | Source

While all this was happening to Jonathan, his fiancee Mina and Lucy, her best friend, are in England, such as Dr. John Seward, lucy´s suitor and director of a mental hospital, this place received recently a new patient, Renfield who has the peculiar habit of eating living creatures.

Lucy got engaded with Arthur, another suitor and she also became a sleepwalker, something that concerned Mina a lot. In the other hand, days later she and other gentleman, Mr. Swales, saw a ship named Demeter, on the coast near Whitby. The crew that was aboard disappeared, just the captain was found holding a crucifix. In the ship there were also wooden boxes, which were destined for a resident of Whitby.

One night, Mina saw Lucy in a Church courtyard, but she wasn´t alone, someone or something was with her. The next morning Lucy had a mark on her neck, two red dots on. After this Lucy´s behavior changed and she also started to be pale.

The box that were in the ship were taken to Carfax, the mansion of Dracula. Meanwhile, Jonathan appeared very ill at a hospital in Budapest, Hungary so Mina decides to travel to see him, and when she arrives Mina noticed that he doesn´t remember anything about his trip to Transylvania.

Jonathan gave to Mina his journal and asked her not to reveal what it says unless it was necessary. Mina promised and they decided to marry immediately in Budapest.

At the mental hospital, Renfield keeps telling about his master, this confuses doctor Seward. Later, the doctor received a letter from Arthur, Lucy´s fiancé, he was worried about her beloved woman and asked him to check her. After he visited Lucy he couldn´t find anything so he wrote a letter to Professor Van Helsing. After his arrival, Van Helsing examined Lucy, she had lost a lot of blood, so he ordered a blood transfusion to her, which helped her a lot. Day and night, someone stayed up at night to watch her, but one night, a wolf, one that scaped from the zoo, entered to her room. That night Lucy´s mother was taking care of her but she didn´t survived due of the shock she had from seeing that creature. The next morning, Lucy was worst, so Quincey, her third suitor, donated blood for her, but she died.


Van Helsing concluded, after reading Jonathan´s journal, given to him by Mina, that it was a vampire the one who caused all and that Lucy will became one too. As he predicted, she emerged from her grave and started to bit kids at night. The only solution to erradicate this creature was to nail a stake through the heart and cut her head, so that was done.

Now there was another problem, Dracula was still out there, so Van Helsing, Jonathan, Mina, Seward, Arthur and Quincey started to plan to kill the Count, however, the Count bit Mina, with the help of Renfield, and ran away. Now all where clueless about where the vampire was, but Mina sugested to be hypnotize so she could see what Dracula was looking at and catch him. Mina told Van Helsing he was going back to Transylvania. So they changed plans and decided to split to corner him. Once in Rumania, they attacked a gypsy carriage that was going to Dracula´s Castle. The gypsies tried to defend it, one of them hurted Quincey who died there, but his dead wasn´t in vain, the count was killed by nailing a stake in his heart and cut his head.

That was the end of their nightmare and Mina returned to be a human being.


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