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Dragons and dreams provide the "what if" to living a successful life

Updated on August 11, 2016
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Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

Ian and his dragon begin the adventure

Jim Dilyard's "Ian and the Great Silver Dragon Bry-Ankh" is a wonderful fantasy-filled story for young teens that has a message for living. Young readers will relate to his introductory ideas of beginning a life's journey of fulfilling dreams and how to go about living a good life. Young teens are encouraged to ask the "what if" question and to ask the question of how to obtain happiness and success.

Ian is a young boy who has a passion for dragons. He spends many hours in his room with his special books about dragons simply because his older brother is just too old to play with. Ian's imagination takes him into the world of these special creatures and a dream about dragons that occurs one night takes him further into the world of dragons. All kinds of dragons come to Ian in his dream ,but the best one is the Silver Dragon. The Silver Dragon is known as the best in that this dragon is of great help in taking care of humans. It is a special privilege to become a friend of the Silver Dragon. Ian is excited to know that this special dragon knows his name and is willing to show the secrets of the world is only Ian will believe in him. The adventure begins when the Silver Dragon takes Ian on his first journey to see the world and the damage that humans do when they do not live in peace with each other. The first lesson that the Silver Dragon teaches is that people have the power to create a better world if they create good values to live by. The surprise ending to this story is one that will delight and make the reader smile as Ian does with the disappearance of his new friend.

Black and white illustrations create an appealing addition to this story

Ian's dragon takes him on a great adventure
Ian's dragon takes him on a great adventure | Source
Dreaming | Source

Friendship and adventures continue

Dilyard's second book "Ian and the Great Silver Dragon: A Friendship Begins" continues Ian's life adventures when his new friend Bry-Ankh, the valued silver dragon, returns. Bry reminds Ian that he must first believe in order to learn the lessons that Bry wants to teach Ian.

Bry introduces the history of dragons and their influence on the world in this second book. Ian is excited to learn the interesting facts about how dragons played a part in world ideas. Ian and his dragon take a magical voyage back in time to experience knowledge and how knowledge can work for us in the present. The lesson that Ian takes away from the adventures in this second book is that we must use the experiences of people who we respect to build our own dreams and act on the good experiences.

The silver dragon returns
The silver dragon returns | Source
Ian and his dragon
Ian and his dragon | Source

Believing is success

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Life lessons learned from Ian and his silver dragon

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Story appeal with Dilyard's books

Both books in the series "Ian and the Great Silver Dragon" are chapter books. Chapter books have appeal to young teens in that they can be read in short sessions. Each chapter can be read as a separate part of the story and young readers can begin the book and stop at intervals when each chapter comes to an end. Chapter books enable the young reader to easily digest the plot and look forward to continuing the story when they are ready to pick up the book again. The two books can also be read to children who are not ready to read chapter books on their own. Parents can take the opportunity to read each chapter for a family reading time. Younger children will also look forward to continuing the story at each reading session. Practical life lessons are presented and parents will find these books helpful when answering questions about how we should behave to have a successful life.

Dilyard's books offer the opportunity to learn new vocabulary. New vocabulary comes with each life lesson that the silver dragon teaches. Both books in the series are rich in "golden nuggets" of wisdom for children and parents.

Dilyard's books were published by The Wooster Book Company. "Ian and the Great Silver Dragon: Bry-Ankh" has an ISBN of 978-1-59098-648-6. "Ian and the Great Silver Dragon: A Friendship Begins" has an ISBN of 978-1-59098-646-2.

Author Jim Dilyard and his engaging characters



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