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Draw The Line

Updated on April 4, 2016


I have only visited three elder's homes so far, and from one of it, one day a Granny said if I don't get married early I would destroy another family and get married. I got so frightened of what she said, I came home very upset and I asked my mom whether I am like that??? For that my mom said I should forget about what others say and as long as I know who I am, that's all that matters. In friendships I just need to know when to draw the line. It's more than a person's born nature and the identity. It's the character.

Where do you draw the line?


Sweetest Mr. Moustache 04/04/2016

The Sweetest Pooh has now become a serious Mr. Moustache

It's nicely trimmed, I wonder whether it makes his nose ticklish

But with his moustache he looks so matured and elderly

It is sad his cute facial expressions are now just a memory.

Normally Mr. Pooh's foreign accent becomes a little bit prominent

When some foreign missionaries or pastors visit

So last month I just teased him a little in spoken words

As I felt comfortable with the group and already playing around with words.

No fun with serious people is the lesson I learnt

It made me so upset that he's going to lose his cute British accent

He's adorably cute and funny when he does silly things like that

But I never meant to laugh at him as I don't do that.

I was thinking what I really admired about him even before I rhymed

It was his choice to forgive his dad was what captivated my heart and mind

When he was a seven year old kid his parents were divorced

Though he hated his father, chose to forgive and looked after to his death bed.

He's the first person I came across who forgave a parent who left

I have seen and heard, felt the hurt of my friends who were left

I just cannot handle the separation, the rejection and the pain

I believe that love is not selfish and I don't like causing anyone any pain.

So all of us are waiting for Mr. Pooh's interesting next Biblical lesson.

Pinkish Priest loves to tease him as to what he can do in heaven

Mr. Pooh taught about the Hell in the first part of his presentation

And now again helping at the lyrics to be shown to the congregation

I thought Mr. Pooh is an Alien just like Mr. Bean who drop to the ground

Mr. Pooh is way too decent for a man of his age whom I have been around

Again I thought he's a singing dinosaur who has turned into a baby after birth

As his characteristics are extinct and no way he's from this planet earth.

Mr. Pooh can be very funny through his actions even more than a clown

When I noticed that he was looking at me, he turned around

As if to say 'I like seeing you, but I don't want to look at you'

'You are too small and immature for me to like you'.

Anyway I love the smile as I'm a huge fan of the Sweetest Pooh in the town

Even though he's a peculiar person with a killing frown

Maybe that's how he managed to stay single all this time

I hope he's not annoyed with me for writing this rhyme.


Canvas Expression 4/4/2016

I can't remember when with my mom I went for a wedding celebration

One of my favourite admirable characters' special union

It was grand, beautiful, lovely and wonderful

A blessed moment, a journey that made everything colourful.

My friend, he and I worked together at one time

I translated what I was given and he did the printing at that time

I always thought of him as a 'One cool Christian'

As he's a fantastic, understanding caring leader as a person.

A perfect match made out of love in Heaven

As they both serve in full time Ministry under Heaven

Visiting the prisoners, orphanages and the widows

To touch and change lives, God is opening new doors and windows.

The beautiful petite young woman and her sisters

Sang songs to show their respect and appreciations

As they dedicated their new life before God and the parents

To walk in love and respect as they achieve their inheritance.

Well, after that, me and my mom with another aunt

Went to an Art Exhibition as we were invited by an aunt

As she and some of the artists showcase their 'Canvas Expressions'

Each painting had a story to share and make good impressions.

I liked the art which had so many details of the uphill country with the train

Then Peeping Lara and Hiding Tom, two leopard cubs playing a game

There were some paintings that were not in the book

But I thought all of them were very different from each other and artistic to look.

The colour combinations, the paintings that were painted in oil and water colours

Lovely scenery with beautiful rivers, animals, birds and flowers

To show light and shadow, painted men and women at work

Some were decorated with nice encouraging Bible Quotes in their artwork.

It was after sometime I actually visited a professional art exhibition

Very talented people with loads of patience made their contribution

Soothing the soul as they had taken so much of care on each brush stroke

Capturing moments and putting them into canvas is not a joke.

I remembered at school we were told to draw 'Sigiriya Ladies'

Silly me, went and draw grasses instead of the breasts of the ladies

As I didn't know there was another meaning to that Sinhala word

In English it's like the word 'foot', whether it's the measurment or the body part.

Some of my drawings as a teen :)


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    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 22 months ago from Stillwater, OK

      Very nice material. I have no idea what that lady could have meant regarding you and marriage, but you are certainly not without morals and scruples. I am sure that she has seen the light, so never fear.

    • rdsparrowriter profile image

      rdsparrowriter 22 months ago

      Thanks Venkatachari :) I'm glad to know that you enjoyed my poems :) Oh I get a little bit upset time to time when I remember what I've been told by other people. So I just wrote it. When I visited elders' homes, one of the grannies, can't remember which one, told me that , I would destroy a family and get married to the male person when I said that I'm not interested in marriage back then, because I always thought that God has created me to be single for Him. It kind of makes me scared to talk to people. I just don't want to cause unwanted problems. I enjoy 'me time' more than anybody else's. I was just trying to make a point that I do not encourage separation. It's a terrible thing and I'm just a friendly person.

    • rdsparrowriter profile image

      rdsparrowriter 22 months ago

      Thank you Manatita :) It's very sweet of you to say :)

    • rdsparrowriter profile image

      rdsparrowriter 22 months ago

      Yes, mother knows best and when I listen to her I'll never regret :) Thanks Sir Bill :)

    • Venkatachari M profile image

      Venkatachari M 23 months ago from Hyderabad, India

      Very beautiful poems. The first one is funny and entertaining whereas the second one is much descriptive and interesting. Enjoyed both of them.

      But I could not catch the introduction para. Visiting three elderly homes and one of them telling "if I don't get married early I would destroy another family and get married". What does it mean? If you could elaborate. Thanks for sharing the nice poems.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 23 months ago from london

      Nice poetry. I like it and especially the second.

      Intensify your inner strength. We feel things because we are not strong enough, and that includes me. A continuous or increased prayer, accompanied by selfless service; a reliance upon the Higher Grace is most worthy.

      Not too much can be achieved without inner courage, and for this we need to be receptive to a Higher Light. I feel that you're doing excellently. Still, patience is necessary, God has plans for us, and it is not always commendable to move faster than Grace.

      Much Love, my Dear Rochelle. Blessings in the name of our Lord.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 23 months ago from Olympia, WA

      Your mother was right....we owe it to ourselves to draw that line and protect ourselves. Beautiful work!