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Dream Alike

Updated on July 28, 2012

I decided to share this in this group today. it's been three years since the creation of this group and a lot has happened within these years. Some of us has been impacted with what we share here, some of us has impacted others in one way or the other both in and outside this forum. However, some of us are yet to understand what we are doing, where we are going and what is our dream.

Our dream is to make the world a better place, to show that people of different race/tribe can come together and learn from each other then clap differently, contribute differently but share one thing in common. DREAM FOR A BETTER WORLD.

We are the World.

I was at this seminar for emerging Film producers and there were over two hundred new film makers present, all hailed from different parts of the world so as one of the likes, we were asked to name five Film producers,directors,actors, actresses and or writers we admire then the list began to flow...Micheal Moore, Steven Spielberg, Tom Cruise, Amitab Bacha, Chakie Chan, Jet Lee,J.J. Abrahams.

Names kept streaming; Jerry Bruckheimer,Raymond Chow,Sandra Bullock,Eddy Murphy,Daryush Shokof. Anyway, the list went on and on and names of producers kept flowing, folks from Malaysia, India, Japan,Nigeria kept listing their idols but what baffled me was that i did not hear anyone mention the name of any producer or director from Nigeria so i began to ask myself a disturbing question "WHERE IS NOLLYWOOD?" A question that needed an urgent answer

The three Nigerians that first gave out their idols listed... Math Demon, Jennifer Lopez,Demmy Moore,James Cameron, George Lucas, Stanley Kubrick, Sidney Lumet, Marcus Dillistone.ect

As my colleagues were listing their idols, i began wondering why no one among the over one hundred and ninety that has spoken has failed to recognize a Nigerian, even my Nigeria colleagues and that left me floating on the air.I believe you know what it means for someone to float on the air.Anyway, it got to my turn and i listed three People that greatly impacted my life as far as Film making or Motion picture is concerned. Mr Ibu, Nkem Owoh and Sam Onwuka, although i went on to add Danzel Washington and Al Pacino in my list.

Folks, you see; i am not trying to say that we all must like the same thing but believe me, there is no need for you to eat Eba daily in your house then when on a visit to a friend's house and Eba is served, you frown at it and request Salad and Fried Chicken.That is bullshit; so be what you are, support your own and help your own to grow because by doing so, you are helping yourself.

In view of the above fact, i wish to celebrate one of the most outstanding Footballers in the world, the best of the FALCONS, once traumatized the South Africans, a dangerous Forward. A super star and Lioness in the pitch.


You be my number one

Stella, ooooo my darling sister.............
I don know, i don know how me i go talk am
But the thing be say

You be my number one
You dey make me kolo
You be the best inda world
No body can beat your record
I don know, ooo I don know how to say am
But you know say i know say that

Chorus: You be the super falcon and even if rain beat you, you go dry your feathers and shine, you be my number one, and you dey make me kolo

No one dribbles like you my darling sister............
They don't know what a magic you are
Jay Jay in another body
You dey make me gbele
Na your smile we de jolley
You be the world number one

No body can do it better than you
O No body can do it baby
World best 7 baby with fine tone Body
Omo sisi, obalande naija
You know say i know say

Chorus: You be the super falcon and even if rain beat you, you go dry your feathers and shine, you be my number one, and you dey make me kolo

Stella Mbachu of Nigeria slots the ball into the back of the net past ...
Stella Mbachu of Nigeria slots the ball into the back of the net past ...


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