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How To Write Poetry : Dream Catcher

Updated on December 7, 2011

Dream Catcher

I am the one that you chase after
I long for you it does not matter
I awake as day light scatters
Through prisms you shatter

Dreams are broken glass beneath
The sole of conscious thought
You feel you know me well
And you know me not

Glimpse in to my being
Beautiful all seeing
My portal to the immortal
The reason I choose sleep

I admit I do resist
Timid in places that you release
In awe that you actually exist
I pull away and you persist
Carful that you get your wish

I put no faith in imperfect things
Dreams turn fools in to kings
This is peace and piece of mind
I bend syllables on meloncholy afternoons
Swirls of sunsets and moons

The world is mine, I search for you
If you only knew.
A near sighted artist,
I draw you closer with each pen line
Stars overhead, long legs over head
Deep pen strokes over and over again

You settle my soul
In ink lines where I sew wild oats
Inklings of thought grow old
I smile because we cry alone
Flowing rivers of our own

I feel you approach
A gentle kiss over mahogany
As my eye lids close
Whispers caress my neck
A kin to the cousin of death

I will proceed if you insist
Lifeline to love line
Flowers bloom in our hands
I am the one you feel
Yet can not stand

Should our hearts go to war
The mighty pen defeats the sword
A blade could never cut so deep
I will see you in my sweet

© P.S. Wilkinson IV 2011


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