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Dream Come True Part 1

Updated on June 30, 2013

Dream Come True


This story is basically about a boy who is very lazy and boring, but he has a unique hobby. It is to listen to the stories of other people. He is an arm-chair traveller, who roams from one place to another and comes to know about different people, cultures, beliefs, enchanting and not- so-enchanting places, superstitions, miracles and super-natural encounters as also about the inner thoughts that at times bother us as human beings - all through the stories of other people or casual conversation with interesting characters. Each story that you read is different, but all leave you wondering ‘what happened next?’ That’s the task left to the reader. He can choose to fill in the way he feels.

Read the book to discover for yourself.


Table Of Contents

Chapter No.
Saturday... Really?
Visit to an Enchanting Place
Home Sweet Home
Siberian Winds in Hokkaido
Trek to Himalayas
Story in Revenge
Backlash at Payback Time

Saturday… Really?

“Hold on!” These were the last words I could remember after waking up. What a terrible dream it was; it felt real without any doubt but now I couldn’t remember anything else than those two words. My mother was in the next room and my dad was already off to office. It felt like it was Saturday, but later I realized that it was Friday and my clock’s battery was dead, and there was still one day left for school to close. That feeling was annoying, but I had no other option because I had already taken 20 days of leave in that month due to chicken pox; even one more day off and I had to redo the entire class. Hate these so called “school policies”. No studies, no games, nothing. Yet we need to go to school for attendance.

What! It was already 8:30 am. Why didn’t you wake me up early, mom? I yelled! And here goes mom, “I had told you to sleep at 10:30, but no, you won’t listen to me and I asked you to set an alarm. You should now be more responsible and don’t forget the definition of being responsible. That’s to be able to give a response”. Yes mom, I remember, but now I need to go. I jumped towards the toilet and on the way collected all the necessary items I needed. Did everything I could and hopped through the house to the main gate. And fortunately, I missed my bus to school; it felt really great but suddenly all the thoughts of redoing my grade replayed in the mind. Just to feel better, I thought of the positive side. It was the last day of the school and there would be no studies and only parties. Went back inside the house with twice the speed I had come out. And shouted “Mummy, need some money, missed my school bus”. The fear was so dense that I would get a nice scold then and there. She came out running with one hand in her purse and the other wiping sweat off her forehead and asking how much I needed. My heart beat was normal for a second or so, but I couldn’t enjoy that moment for a very long time and said 50. She handed me a $50 bill. And I rushed outside towards the gate, shouting that I would come late. She said “Jaa Mata” as usual, which means bye in Japanese. I had opted for Japanese as my second language and had asked everyone in my family to speak to me in Japanese to the maximum extent they could. Anyway, I took a cab and ordered him to take me to RBMV. He said yes boss and drove the cab like a bullock cart. At least it seemed like that to me. Phew…. I reached the school just 10 minutes late, paid the driver his bill and thanked him, although I didn’t want to say thanks.


Went to the class I was supposed to, by taking the nearest stairs. There was no point doing sprints then, I was already late and just then a saying came to my mind, which is often told by my driver uncle. ‘If you are late by 5 minutes then so be it, but if you want to reach early, start early’. Ha-ha, I always followed this saying, but only the first part. And there I was lazing around again. And as I had suspected, rather expected, “Shikamaru, you are again late, I don’t want to listen any excuses this time” said my science teacher. I don’t have any, Miss Deepti, I replied.

‘Shikamaru! Come here’ I could see him on the last bench; he was one of my best friends. Hey Kakashi, what’s up! His nickname was Kakashi just like my Japanese nickname Shikamaru. “So you are again late as usual, what happened today!” Umm, I missed my school bus and the taxi driver was going totally against the speed of light. Ha-ha right, nice excuse. Never mind that. So, you know what is next? Just try to survive this class” I know, I know. “You two stand up, what are you guys talking about” Miss Deepti asked? I was telling Kakashi about light and its speed, I answered. She said, just go out of the class if you want to talk and let others study. Her forehead was full of bends and looked like a dried river.

After apologies, we both sat down and he again continued. “By the way, what are you going to do today after school? Want to hang out with us or you are going to that same place again?” I didn’t think about that, it’s almost 6 hours from now, I never think of time so far ahead of us. “Yah, you are right”. He nodded. I said yes like always and had a very high pitched yet low laugh. But that question made me think. If I go with these guys, my mom’s forehead will look like a dried ocean, but if I don’t then what will I do? And I don’t want to go to that same, old and boring place again. And this thought made me so dull that I slept off.

‘Earth quake’ I screamed, but it was Kakashi waking me up for the party. ‘That dream’! I said. “What dream? Com’ on, wake up” he shouted in my ear drums. I was back. It felt terrific. I was so scared and decided not to go anywhere, but he was persistent and insisted so many times. At last, we were in the party hall and it was rocking. I felt better and gradually was in full mood of partying. We all ate, danced and drank so much. We were losing our control over our legs, hands, eyes, nose, ears, basically our body. But because I was underage, I drank mango juice and so did others. It was the atmosphere which made us like that. And after that awesome party, people started leaving. It was the last day and many people were leaving for ever according to few of my friends. But I felt that since they weren’t going to die, how could they leave us forever? We will meet them some day. It was the truth which people denied and cried for no reason. And just then, I heard:

Life is a road and I wanna keep going
Life is a river, I wanna keep flowing
Life is a road, now and forever
Wonderful journey
I'll be there when the world stops turning
I'll be there when the storm is through
in the end I wanna be standing
at the beginning with you”

The Song played on my newly bought ipod touch, which barely looked new with all those scars given by me. But that song meant what I wanted to say. And I had a loud laugh this time with no restrictions.

“Hey Shikamaru, how are you?” I heard another soft voice calling me from far behind, but later when I removed my ear plugs I saw another friend ‘Ichigo’ standing right next to me. “Hey Ichi, long time no see, where were you?” I asked. “I had small pox and later went for a visit” he replied. ‘Small pox ! Don’t lie its eradicated’. I said in a heavy voice. “Ha-ha, I was just checking your knowledge” He laughed. I shot back, ‘Poor joke’ and we started walking in the corridor in front of the party hall. He said, “But something happened to me; that’s why I couldn’t come to school”.


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