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Dream Come True Part 3

Updated on June 30, 2013


This story is basically about a boy who is very lazy and boring, but he has a unique hobby. It is to listen to the stories of other people. He is an arm-chair traveller, who roams from one place to another and comes to know about different people, cultures, beliefs, enchanting and not- so-enchanting places, superstitions, miracles and super-natural encounters as also about the inner thoughts that at times bother us as human beings - all through the stories of other people or casual conversation with interesting characters.

Chapter No.
Saturday... Really?
Visit to an Enchanting Place
Home Sweet Home
Siberian Winds in Hokkaido
Trek to Himalayas
Story in Revenge
Backlash at Payback Time

Home Sweet Home

His house was next to mine, but we seldom spoke to each other. This time I really wanted to know more about him. I ran up the slope. He said ‘hi’ to me for the first time. I guess may be because he was scared. There was nobody and I was the only one running and that also towards him. Even I said ‘hi’ and asked him that where was he going and if I could tag along. I usually don’t do such kind of things, but I was very curious about him. I had heard that he survived a dangerous accident. While we were walking, I asked him as to what happened and what others always talked of him.


He said, ‘Nothing much, just an old story’. And I said what kind of story. I could make out that he was a bit shy. I insisted. He said, “Well, to know about the story you need to know about my past and I don’t have time to tell you everything.” I said, “But you did tell me before that you were going home and you know once you start something, it’s half done in no time.” Finally he gave up and told me that he was from Kakama. I said I had heard of that place, but could not pinpoint it in on a map. He said, “I am surprised that you have heard of that place. It is beyond Makashi. Kakama is one of the best places to shop. It is the most vibrant bazaar I have ever seen and I bet even you would be surprised to see it. People there are always busy in their work, but on weekends you won’t get even 1sq feet of place to keep your feet on the ground. All the people are on road, laughing, playing, enjoying. But it’s not the case with Makashi. It is the most backward city. Actually it’s an island with trees and only trees. It’s a giant forest, casted outside. Nobody likes to go to Makashi; only a few schools take their children for visits. I lived in Makashi for 4 years, but as I wanted to study further, my parents sent me to Kakama. I was really happy being in Kakama and enjoyed every single second. But I had to go back because of some financial problems. When I was back in Makashi, I saw that there were more tourists than before. Makashi had the biggest outdoor zoo, but nobody knew about that. But then, more and more people came to visit it as the outside world learnt about it. I was glad to know this, but my parents told me that it won’t be good for the island. I didn’t understand them, then. But now I am really sad that I didn’t. I was looking for a part time job in Kakama. As I was searching through the career pages of newspapers, I saw an article on Makashi. It said that the place was going to be converted into the biggest financial and entertainment hub ever built on earth. I couldn’t be happier. I went to see the planned site, where the work was to begin soon. I thought of somehow getting a part time job there. The company ‘Gatoo’ had already started their work.


That night, there was a meeting going to be held between the officials of Makashi and the developers. All were very curious to know what would happen in the meeting and so was I. Next morning, my parents asked me go back to Kakama. I was surprised and told them about the new development. They told me that they knew all about that and that’s why they were sending me back. When I still didn’t get them, they told me that the officials had decided not to let ‘Gatoo’ do what it wanted.

My heart was almost broken as one of my dreams of seeing Makashi as a prosperous city was gone. I asked them the reason! Suddenly my uncle came in and asked if I would go for a walk with him. I didn’t want to as I wanted to know from my parents why I had to go back and why ‘Gatoo’ was stopped from making this island beautiful, but agreed to ramble along. My uncle said that he would tell me everything on the way. I got ready as fast as I could and went out with him. We were both silent for a while and he took me into the dense forest. He showed me different kind of birds, animals, plants, insects, fishes and trees. He asked me to feel the clean air. I was very confused as I had no idea what he was doing and why was I supposed to do that. He took me to the top of the only hill there. And asked me to guess why ‘Gatoo’ was stopped. I told him that’s the only reason I came with him; to know why ‘Gatoo” was stopped. He was the one who had to tell me. He said if I couldn’t tell him the reason even after coming there, then there was no need to tell me why ‘Gatoo’ was stopped. He said I won’t get it. And I seriously didn’t get it then. He said that I should stop thinking and do what my parents asked me to do. I had to agree and leave Makashi a day after. As my parents came along, it made me feel a bit better. We left Makashi as if we were trying to run away. I didn’t get it. But being back in Kakama was good anyway. I forgot about the part time job and again started with my studies. My father got a job in a nearby hotel as he had done a degree in hotel management. By and by, I completely forgot about Makashi.


One day I was reading a newspaper, which said that after all the trouble, Makashi was still going to be the next financial and entertainment hub. I was confused as the people living in Makashi didn’t approve of it then. How ‘Gatoo’ was permitted now! I didn’t care much about it and continued to laze around. ” I looked in Gamakichi’s eyes. He was crying. But he went on and said, “Makashi’s population is very less and there are only a few literate people there, out of which, 5 to 8 people got selected to lead Makashi as the governing officials. I had dreamt of being one of the officials when I was young. Makashi was getting popular and popular in Kakama and one day we heard that all the 8 officials died in an accident. I was terribly shocked and so were my parents. The news said that the officials were travelling in the bus provided by Gatoo Industries to visit and inspect their site. The officials were to decide whether they wanted it to be the hub or not. My dad immediately said that he knew this was going to happen. Violence and bloodshed covered the whole city of Makashi. People fought amongst themselves. They fought for the sake of Makashi, but didn’t know that they were ruining it. ‘Gatoo’ was held responsible for the death of the officials, but the court of Kakama declared that ‘Gatoo’ had nothing to do with it. This made people angrier and they went on a rampage. They destroyed everything related to ‘Gatoo’ in Makashi. I had no other choice, but to watch.” Gamakichi suddenly asked me 'why was my face full of fear'. I had nothing to say. I was again in some other world. It was also very late now. I knew my mom would shout at me, but was too tired and exhausted to think of an excuse at that point of time. He again asked me if I was okay.' I nodded and asked him to continue his story later. He said ‘it’s fine. My home too is nearby. And in any case all the hills are doomed to get mined and shipped to Naroki someday. Trees and animals will have no place to hide. ’


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