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Dream Honey Dream

Updated on June 28, 2012

For Private Eyes Only

As I roll out of bed you go off to sleep

Life is a thrill that should be enjoyed often

Your eyes are shut and you body is at rest

My mind is flying and pulse is 120 and climbing

We were just side by side loving every second

What do you mean forty minutes is enough ?

I was just getting warmed up and you were on your cool down

I laugh when life has it's funny moments

Just when I was rockn and feeling life doesn't get better than this

All done and I am tired now and I have to sleep

That is the last thing that would ever cross my mind

What happened to the adrenaline rush that is suppose to keep you going

That only happens in the movies honey

So as I leave and wonder

How many have been here before ?

I by no means was not thrilled and pleased beyond all words

But I did not want it to end

Another hour or two

I can hear my wife say

Your pushing it

You should go to sleep too

Who needs sleep when love will do

Off to dreamland where your mind goes I will follow

You are smiling in your sleep I see

I hope to finish where I left off

Maybe you see me standing their next to you

You found me here too

It wasn't easy but where there is a will there is a way

I should of known you couldn't stop

Four more hours who would of thought


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