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Dream Land Is My Wonder Land

Updated on August 6, 2017
Rachu Murali profile image

Muralidhar as rachu murali have Logged in On 26-June-2017 In hubpages to Show His talent on Writing Poetry.

Dream Land Imagination

Dream Land Is My Wonder Land

I Am Flying All The Way, Nobody Is There To Stop Me,

I Was In Wind, I Stand On Sand, Dancing With Sun On Musical Band,

I Compete The Speed Of Light, I Was Brighter Than The Bright,

I Played With Stars Using Gun, Stars Were Then About To Run,

Hell Pushed Me And Heaven Tried To Pull, I Did Choose The None,

I Was Only There Over There, To Just For Having Fun Filled With Fun,

I Who Created The Castle On Clouds, Covered The Castle Out With Gold,

Doors Were Designed With Diamond Pearls, Lightnings Dare To Fold,

Fairies And Witches Came To Me, For Asking The Castle On Rent,

I Kick Them Out For Asking Me, They Were Not Fit For Tenent,

Castle Saw My Madness Dance, It Kicked Me Off From That Sand,

Alarm Slapped My Sleep To Recognize, That I Was In Beautiful Dream Land.

© 2017 Muralidhar Krishnamurthy


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