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Dream Worlds

Updated on May 26, 2014

Am I living in a dream world,

Or are you?

Is my world more or less real than yours?

Is one more valid or true?

They say this is a world of illusion

And that these things we see or own

Physical things

Don’t exist on other planes

When I was small, I lived in a world

Filled with magic

I sat among the wild grapes

Communed with trees and rocks and Earth’s creatures

My youth was interspersed

With assaults on my psyche, violations at the hands of others

That tore holes in my emotional, physical and sexual selves

But always, Spirit was with me

Upon graduation

I followed the grinding path of many

And lived a life

Of juggling work, babies and school

One day, I hit bottom--the past resurfaced

I moved in and through counseling

And evolved

Won a new life

I continued the accepted “grind”

Added a spouse, another baby

After child number four,

The weight of the world became heavy

I left the accepted path

Embraced the idea that the “grind”

Wasn’t the only way to make it

Shedding my skin of a popular social myth

I found myself seeing things


Watching the old lilac bush

Became more than fleeting

I live in a world now

In which time is not set by a work shift

Where colors and energies meld

Combined with my ancestral heritage

My world is not perfect

But different, sometimes sublime

I will likely return to my previous path

Circling ‘round, but (hopefully) with a broader view

Yet the questions remain:

Am I living in a dream world?

Or are you?

Is my world more or less real than yours?

Is one more valid or true?


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