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Stephen King Dreamcatcher

Updated on August 24, 2017

Stephen King's Dreamcatcher Book Review

I read Dreamcatcher in 2003, months before the movie came out. I've been reading Stephen King's books since I was in High School. I guess I just love the scary stuff. When I first read Dreamcatcher, I thought that it was a little different from what I was used to from Mr. King, but I love it regardless.

Dreamcatcher is about four long time friends out in the woods in Maine, in their traditional annual hunting trip. Jonesy, Peter, Henry and Beaver shared a special gift or power inhered by their mentally challenged friend, Douglas. They can read each others minds and communicate with each other, even if they are not together in the same place. It's a strange gift they have been using for all these years to their advantage, without knowing that sooner than they expect it, they will be needing those powers in full potential to save their lives.

Strange things begin to happen just when the guys were beginning to settle in the cabin. Animals were acting weird and people were getting very ill. Some alien creatures have been attacking the people in Maine. The military is putting the whole woods under quarantine and it's trying to figure out was is really going on. In the mean time, Jonesy and Beaver have a horrifying encounter in the cabin with the alien. Now, the alien, who is in possession of Jonesy's body, is going to try to finished it's objective. Now it's up to Henry and Jonesy to stop it. But they soon realize that they can't do it on their own, they will need their special friend, Duddits!

Dreamcatcher was definitely a page turner and it kept me on my feet from start to finish.! Another winner for the King of Horror, Stephen King.

Dreamcatcher by Stephen king - Get the book from Stephen King - Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher Review

Stephen King fans, rejoice! The bodysnatching-aliens tale Dreamcatcher is his first book in years that slakes our hunger for horror the way he used to. A throwback to It, The Stand, and The Tommyknockers, Dreamcatcher is also an interesting new wrinkle in his fiction.


Watch Stephen King's Dreamcatcher Movie Trailer - Dreamcatcher Movie Trailer on Youtube

It was intense and horrifying, all at the same time.

Watch Dreamcatcher on DVD - Own Stephen King's Dreamcatcher today!

Dreamcatcher (Full Screen Edition)
Dreamcatcher (Full Screen Edition)

Product Description

Four young friends perform a heroic act and are changed forever by the uncanny powers they gain in return. Years later, on a hunting trip in the Maine woods, they are overtaken by a blizzard, a vicious storm in which something much more ominous moves. Challenged to stop a deadly alien force, they confront an unparalleled horror, with the fate of the world in the balance.


"Jonesy almost shot the guy when he came out of the woods. How close? Another pound on the Garand's trigger, maybe just a half. Later, hyped on the clarity that sometimes comes to the horrified mind, he wish he had shot before he saw the orange cap and the orange flagman's vest. Killing Richard McCarthy couldn't have hurt, and it might have helped. Killing McCarthy might have saved them all."

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Maine Beautiful Woods

Jonesy, Peter, Henry and Beaver in The Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher Movie Video Clips

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Dreamcatchers are a Magical Amulets To Filter Bad Dreams

Having written over 40 books, including a 7 part series of novels, a 6 part serial novel, and numerous short stories, Stephen King is amongst the worlds most popular all time writers, and is undoubtedly the worlds leading horror writer.

Stephen King talks about his Writing and his Horror Stories

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    • rebecca-mathews1 profile image


      5 years ago

      Hello Great lens :) Kudos from one Stephen King fan to another.

    • anatpenini profile image


      6 years ago

      Anything written by Stephen King is a great Science Fiction Book!

    • fathomblueEG profile image


      6 years ago

      Cool lens:-)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Wow, that movie trailer was enough for me. I don't think I could watch the whole thing.

    • ElizabethSheppard profile image

      Elizabeth Sheppard 

      6 years ago from Bowling Green, Kentucky

      I just saw the movie, Dreamcatcher. What a terrific movie. They did a really great job. I also loved the book. Great lens!

    • ReluctantAuthor profile image

      Michael Camarata 

      8 years ago from Medford, OR

      Congratulations! Your lens has been featured on Stephen King: The Ultimate Stephen King Source lens ( - A Constant Reader

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      nice lens. thank you

      I book marked your main web page for personal reference.


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      looks like a spooky-licious story...unfortunately, I can't read his books or watch his movies...(think I've only seen 1or2) ...I can't do horror/thrillers...freaks me out for days...DH and I traveled to Bangor once and saw his house...that alone gave me the willies ;o)


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