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Updated on August 30, 2012

For the love of words....

~Dreamers, Dream~

Devilish, wild tryst of Light
Twirling and tangling in my mind
Words pirouette and glide,
Often in a grand Parade
Stomping on my aspirations
Why do they taunt me?

By their wicked design they find me
At those most peculiar times,
Begging to be free,
I cannot ignore, this obsession, possession,
Its dwelling cannot easily be defined.
How this wordily passion waits, so patiently,
Yearning for an elegant release.

Yet like a solar flare, unpredictably
they riot, raging against the tethers
Clattering against the cage of my brains
In their madness, driving me nearly insane

Guilt, a precious stone hung around my neck,
Clear as the full moon hangs in the night,
reminding me of its presence, so close to my heart
There is no time to jot a single speck.
Brilliant words ravishing my sanity
soon to fade into oblivion’s darkness.
Lost in the noise of the living world
I cry, for the loss, my soul bleeds
Left with an emptiness leaving behind a residue
a corps of my making, a song without a tune.

Yet, days come when I let them out,
Claiming them for their worth,
Speaking a word or two, giggle at the silliness
With a smile I release them to the wind
There to float, and soar to another
To bring the magic to a highwayman

Other days, I selfishly cling to the reverie
Carefully to lock away without a key
Fear to free them, and be lost again to me
Yet, finding the creases they prowl at night
Tumbling into my unconsciousness
Revealing a deeper consideration.
Seeing with the eyes of the journeyman,
and his wander soul

Flying on the winds of Fate,
Beating wings stronger, and higher,
Forgetting myself in my ethereal flight
Until the jealous sun melts my breath
Falling, aware, I crash into the waking me
Broken bits, of blood and earth
As I fracture, words scatter aground,
These wicked and sparkling gems,
Gather up each tasty crumb,
placing them safely in my pockets,
waiting to breathe another day

Finale by `arhcamt
Finale by `arhcamt | Source


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