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Dreaming of Reality

Updated on February 3, 2012

I grew up kidnapped in another kind of reality... one in where my brother never was. And the father was somewhere else.

So I was raised absentminded. Why be there anyhow?

What good was for me to be in the moment, when there was no one at that moment with me?

Where are those other realities? Those parallel universes? Those other multiple choices of could'ves should'ves would'ves?

Where are those what ifs?

What if she didn't leave me alone so often?

I wouldn't know how far my infinite mind could travel.

What if this body has not been beaten that hard?

I wouldn't know how powerful a hug can be, a look in your eyes, a simple assertion.

Dreams of reality that eventually came to pass.

Dreams are powerful waves that end in the shore of the material realm, to become alive.

Dreams are the thread life is made of.

I dream today for your dreams and mine.

May all our dreams be good, may all our dreams come true.


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