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Dreams Reborn

Updated on August 4, 2015

If it were not today, I could have stopped dreaming. Losing hope of tomorrow, knowing that you drift away faster than I ever thought. I dread the day when I wake up ,seeing you gone, completely, gone again without me, no more. But there you are now, back to my senses, telling me once more, that love is in the air, floating like a butterfly, flying as high as eagles can fly. Let our love songs play good music to our ears oncs again. Leave no remorse nor hatred , keep high and mighty once more, with sharp eyes keeping its watch so tight and secure, as confident as can be---no secrets left untold , even the wild card shall be left opened, for you and me to see ---as the matrix of our love and faith.

No one, and no one else can ever break our fortress of love, laid out across the globe which we shall build--- of rocks and mortar , we shall mix. Together we shall defy all odds against us, and all those whose wills are against us with their evil minds out to break us. Together we will conquer all the battles that lay before us, for better or for worse, standing we shall remain---no matter what, no matter how, no matter when, we shall defend with all our might. Though we don't have an army, we don't have a navy, with only the two of us, back to back, side by side, arm to arm, with bare hands---we shall take their blows, one by one, we parry each blow, to the end we will fight--- that you and me shall be safe and sound, away from all the troubles we have fought.

Before the sun rises, when the darkness and silence of dawn starts to break, I will be waiting for your call, to remind me once more, that these dreams we have always kept in our minds and in our hearts are still intact for us to go on . The dreams which were lying dormant for a decade or so, are fully alive, coming out from the shell of no return, with vengeance, ready to make it happen once more. This time it will be you at the helm of the ship, to navigate for us and steer us to wonderland, where fantasies become a reality, where doubts are forever abrogated.

In you I will give my trust, for giving me a new day, a day of rejoicing for us, the lost hope of yesterday, you gave it back to me today. For it were not today, I could have lost the last straw of hope, secretly hidden in the deepest chambers of this once-bleeding heart of mine. For it is today that you came back to me, in open arms, yet in full defiance of unsolicited advice from someone who doesn't know about love. Had you not reappeared in my sight, I could have thrown down my towel now, in defeat of the greatest battle of my life, sulking in my side of the arena. But then again, our paths had crossed to a halt , fate sending its final call--- for us to reunite once more in a more colorful tale than ever before-- in a more tamer path than before and to walk happily on that spiral staircase of love and infinity.

Can we ask for more? I really don't care no more. My only dream for today is to dream the dreams of yesterday once more. Yesterday was a good day for us then, from sunrise to sunset, we played the music all along, with its lullabies and listened to each others' cry and laughter, across the meadows of Valentine. The road to eternity is where our dreams must take, this is the way to make it happen, according to our will, pursuant to our plans, in consonance with the fate bestowed upon us . Let it be done, forsake us not for the sorrows had been too much for us to bear--- made as apart, for so long a time.

Down with our knees for a thousand times and more, and still counting--- if we fail again. Let us therefore, fail no more, let us aim for the stars this time, aim as high as we can, stretch the bow one more time, and fix the sight for a perfect shot, at twelve o'clock we can hit all the targets, big and small--- bull's eye. What a way to dream such dreams, inside and out, we both know its not just about picking apples, it is really about shooting apples placed over people's heads, people who might get hurt along the way in this fateful journey of ours--- 'cause we know how difficult a decision it may be, for us, we shall overcome--- come what may, at all cost, at any cost. How confusing this story might be, please forgive me, but this is what I can only say, "Our dreams must come true--- our dreams, reborn."


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