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A Mother Dream..

Updated on May 11, 2012
Mother - who always keep her child dream first before her.
Mother - who always keep her child dream first before her. | Source

Unspoken Dreams.

I feel amazed

When I look at you,

With all the patience

You listen and understand me

About what I really want.

I’m sure you aren’t passionate

About cooking thrice a day,

Or suddenly my friends pop up

And you serve best meal to them.

Washing clothes, doing dishes

And so homely work

But still, at the end of day

You say, I feel happy doing these things

For you my children dear.

I admire your patience.

When I look at you,

I also think of the dreams

You must have dreamt.

And what it would be like

If you get each one by one.

We can never figure?

Your prayers have always been for us

But I wonder what your dreams are like.

Today, I am getting to know them

Feel their shape and learn their depth.

Hope I can help you fly

After all my wings are gifted by you.


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