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Dried Roses...Watered With tears.

Updated on November 25, 2009

dried roses.....watered with tears



two roses plucked
from off her grave
one red and one
bright yellow
and carried home
so lovingly
by one very
sad fellow
they lie suspended
in the dark
in an airtight
place to dry
and in some time
they will emerge
so lovely to the eye
forever as the
way they were
watered only with
the tears
they marked the love
of one whose gone
the joys of all her years
though dessicated
of the flow
of dew and rain and sun
they will remain
sweet smelling blooms
now left eternally young
are not these roses
like our flesh
we are plucked by
death's sharp thorn
and from this world
and all we love
so swiftly we are torn
boxed oh so carefully
our husks
the shells we leave behind
are laid on satin
sealed air tight
beneath a finished pine
we then begin to dessicate
we dry in darkened space
a shrunken bit of
what once breathed
preserved in a marked place
but one day God will open up
the boxes he feels hold
the flowers that
he cherished most
exactly as foretold
then they will bloom
f o r e v e r m o r e
as bright and lovely souls.


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