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Drugged Love

Updated on May 23, 2012

Drugged love

Walked in to the room made my heart melt

he was like a lingering touch I had never felt

tattoos down his arm cigarette in his mouth

the way he stood I could not figure him out

he was like a dream that I had before

in the shape of a man , I wanted to know more

so he spoke a few words , that I tasted with delight

what a feeling , what a sight

We sat in a field in a wall of grass

we just watched the world and we let it past

he took a few pills , sniffed a few lines

wasn't my thing , but he didn't mind

he tasted the world and became music

his overwhelming beauty just made me sick

I hated loving him and I hated when he was gone

he was a force of nature dragging my body along

I grew on nothing didn't feel like belonging he was just meant to be there

as he whispered in the sunlight catched me in his eyesight putting his hands through his hair

We stuck around for something in the end it was nothing he was an empty soul

he grabbed my heart from my chest watched me while I undressed without him i'd never be whole

so we stuck around for a while words that cut like knives till I had no feeling at all

He was sweet and bitter at the same time he went through my mind we just had to stop our fall

coming down off our high it was time to say goodbye it was the strongest most painful beautiful drug i've owned

where has he been where will he go we were never meant to be and I will never truely know


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    • Angel_In_Disguise profile image

      Angel_In_Disguise 5 years ago

      Thank you !

    • dialogue profile image

      dialogue 5 years ago

      The poetry is great, i like this hub :)