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Duke Of Edinburgh Expedition write up - feel free to use

Updated on September 9, 2010

Duke of Ed write up

 feel free to edit, copy and use for your own Duke of Edinburgh write up.


We set of from the school on 8th May with mixed feelings of excitement and horror from the unflattering stories the previous group had told us. We arrived in a small village and gradually waved off the other groups. When we finally got to leave, we continued up a long road up into the hills with our cumbersome rucksacks tugging us back. There were few cars that passed our small group while heading for our first destination of a cattle grid. There was tension in the group right from the outset as we couldn’t agree on a desired pace and some of the group wanted more rests while others wanted to continue. However as the trek went on we all gradually wanted more rests. Before long we headed off road onto a beaten track as we followed the compass in single file. We soon caught up with another group who had taken a wrong turn and we both then tried to remember brief instructions of a mumbling teacher. It turned out we took a wrong turn but with our groups instinct and superb map reading skills we found our way again. I’ve never been so relieved in my life than when I saw the open field that led to the campsite. We were one of the last groups to arrive as we heaved off our now painful rucksacks onto the grass and let out a great sigh of relief. Cooking that night was great fun as we experimented with the food and watched others make a mess of theirs. Getting the burnt stuff of the trangia was less fun. All the groups then joined in to play games that night before it was of to sleep in a cramped tent. We sat and enjoyed the sound of others getting shouted at for being out of their tents. We were up early in the morning with a coat of condensation on the tent wall. It was tough getting out of our warm sleeping bags to immediately be exposed to the cold. Breakfast was short for me as two cereal bars was all I felt like. Our group set off up the huge hill which was a killer on the calf muscles. At the top of the hill was a great view but it was also where our navigating skills were put o the test as the path separated and we yet again headed off road. We climbed to the top of a grassy hill with a narrow stream running through it. There was a minutes amusement in the rotting sheep at the top but after that we headed down up down up down until we reached what I thought was the final stretch alongside the Lough. We were all very tired after hiking for about three/four hours but with the end in sight we all managed to make it to the dam. Unfortunately after reading the map we realised we had another kilometre to walk. I think my map reading skills were greatly enhanced on this expedition and I worked well in a team. It was great fun and I am excited to do my gold DOFE.


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    • profile image

      Aneesa786 5 years ago

      I can't wait to start my DofE next year. Going for Bronze! My brother is on his practice expedition right now. :) I really want to do fencing and the volounteering part.