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During Stellar Moments....Exhale!

Updated on February 7, 2013

During Stellar Moments.....Exhale.


When your lips and hers
in joyous bliss are joined and meld as one,
and the realization hits you that
true love at last has come
and your heart it starts to hammer
like some frantic big bass drum,
just remember at that moment when
your kiss is finally done,


When your standing in a
rental tux

upon your wedding night,
as you culminate a moment
that feels oh, so ever right,
and it's time for you to say "I do,"
to your sweet bride in white,
but your collars itchy badly,
and your cumberbund's too tight,
to be sure that all will hear you
and to help you get it right....


As she's having your first baby,
reach across and take her hand,
when the pain becomes far more
then she had ever hoped to stand,
just remember all
those lessons learned
and employ your Lamaze plan,
breathing with her
coaxing gently
as you help her understand....


When your child gets into trouble
you must always count to ten,
and remember how you also
messed up often, way back when,
hold them close, and then instruct them
but be firm don't ever bend,
without yelling, or abusing
simply let your angst transcend....


Then when life is almost over,
lying under death's embrace,
surrounded by your family
in that final earthly place,
filled with so much love that
all of time and pain cannot erase
Inhale one more sweet breath slowly,
then with courage, peace and grace....



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