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During the Annual General Meeting

Updated on May 17, 2020

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


He was a powerful person

Among the group. Because of

His faithfulness and forthrightness

He was elected as one

Of the executives of the group

It is a general belief

That tongue and teeth

Do fight. This is often

Revealed when the teeth

Bites the tongue during swallowing

And or during other things

To the people they (teeth and tongue)

Are fighting then, and the

Teeth despite being appealed

To has not failed to forgive

The tongue, thence the biting.

The man and some of the

Members of the group have

Small argument between themselves

This gets to the notice of the

Leaderships of the group and

He was specially called to

Know the genesis of what

Has happened. They discovered that

He was on track, appealed

To him to forgive the person

And forget what the person

Has done wrong so that

The group would forge ahead

He promised them that he

Would do what they have

Said forgive and forget but

They have to discipline the

Person. They agreed that the

Person must be disciplined, but

That he must do what they

Have said, which he also

Agreed to. They called the

Person and asked him questions about

What transpired between him and

One of the leaders, because

A leader who judges based on

A loop-sided defense is not

A good leader, such people are

Called Bias leaders. Not to

Become a bias leader before

Other members of the group

The person was called and

He also narrated his side of

The story. As the Holy

Writ says He that is first in his own cause seemeth just;

But his neighbour cometh and searcheth him. (Pro 18:17)

And it was revealed that

The second man was not

Totally wrong. But to satisfy

This man they punished the

Second man which he did

After serving the punishment

Terms and being integrated back

Into the midst of the group


The man does not want

Him to be integrated back into

The group he wants him

Excommunicated from the group and

Because of this others stood

Against him and let him

Know that in the first

Instance according to their findings

They discovered that the second

Man was not completely at

Fault, yet he was punished

And he agreed, to serve

The punishment to be an example

Unto others, but you seem

Not to be contented with that

That they will not excommunicate

Him from the group, because

Doing that would not augur

Well it will show them as

Bias judges they will be laying

Bad precedence for others they

Said unto him. He would not

Agree with their saying and

Left them angrily. The truth

Is always bitter one of

Them responded that with time

He would come around because

They know him to be a sensible person

Members of the committees went

To him to personally talk to

Him about what happened that

He should come to the meeting

Of the executives and overlook

What has passed, but he would

Told them that he will be

Joining them in the meeting but

He would not be there.

At the annual general meeting

Where the team of the

Executives are dissolved with

Another set of people chosen

To steer the ship of the

Group he did not attend the

Meeting despite receiving different

Messages and other personal calls

From close friends of the

Group to tell him of the date

Of the annual general meeting

He failed to be at the meeting

The rule of the meeting is

No executive would be elected

By proxy neither in absentia

Because he was not on

Seat he was neither nominated

For another term nor voted

For he was replaced with

Someone else. When he heard

Of what happened at the

Annual General Meeting he was

Not happy and was saying

Who were those there who

Have voted him out for

The board supposed to return

Him to his position among the

Executives of the group. Then

He was told that such

Cannot happen because it is the

Law of the group not to

Elect people who are not

On seat during the annual general

Meeting to be among those

Who would run the affair of

The group for the new

Tenure. When he heard this

He felt sober, and knows

That he has thought too

Much of himself. The group

Has shown him that though

They value him, but they

Cannot continue to break the

Laws they have made to be

Satisfying him. Some of the

Things he thought would come

To him were not given him

Because he has not been consistent

At the meeting of the group

Over the time. He allowed

The past infringements to eat

Into his presence and stops

Him from the future gains

As he eventually would not

Occupy the position of the executives of

Group never again, because the

Person who has replaced him

Performed well and was ready

To learn what it takes to be a good leader.



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