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E-zine Publishing Can Make Money

Updated on January 10, 2012


 E-Zine (or zine) publishing will not make you rich but with a little planning (read:trial and error) it can create supplemental income.  Here are a few tips that have helped me and others who have decided to get into e-zine publishing.

  1. Have a theme that people can relate to.  Even a perzine (personal zine) can have an audience but having a topic (i.e.motherhood, stock market or boating) and keeping it consistent will help to find an audience.
  2. Decide how often you will publish.  Most zines are published quarterly but some find that bi-annually (twice a year) gives more time into creating a quality product.  If you're starting out, give yourself time to get the feel of things before committing to a frequency that may not be obtainable.
  3. Create a layout that is reader-friendly.  When I started out, I used JPEG for my online images but this was not always good for my text.  The urge to add some really funky fonts may overtake you but will affect how you read your draft and web surfers will see the final product.  My final solution was to convert my pages into low-res PDF files.
  4. Find at least two venues from which to sell.  This comes with establishing a target audience. If you have a decent budget, then setting up an e-commerce page on your side is recommended.  If your funds and web design skills limited, check out Cafepress, eBay or  Also, partner up with someone of like interests and see if you can sell your ezine on their site.
  5. Put the word out to everyone you can.  Do a search for ezine (or zine directories) as well as blog directories and submit all your information including keywords that may be found in a search.  Send out a press release.  Make the link to your ezine part of your online signature.  Place ads in like periodicals (online ads tend to be less than print ads).


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    • pittan profile image

      pittan 8 years ago from Sutton, United Kingdom

      Can your give me an example of an ezine. Is it a ebook?

    • nano seal profile image

      nano seal 8 years ago from Singapore

      Thanks for your answer.